Betso WTCS-1 Wireless Timcode Slate

Revolutionize Your Workflow with the Betso WTCS-1

The Betso WTCS-1 wireless time code slate is a game-changing tool for film and video production professionals. Furthermore, its slim, lightweight, and durable design not only guarantees reliable performance but also ensures effortless operation in any environment. Moreover, with the WTCS-1’s Wi-Fi enabled super bright graphical LED display, you can easily access and view metadata, while its compatibility with the iOS MovieSlate 8 application opens up a world of additional features that streamline your workflow. Additionally, in this article, we will delve into the remarkable capabilities of the Betso WTCS-1 and how it can elevate your production process to new heights.

Furthermore, the WTCS-1’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both experienced professionals and newcomers in the industry, and its intuitive controls and clear visual feedback enable quick and accurate adjustments on set. The WTCS-1’s wireless connectivity provides seamless integration with other devices, expanding its versatility and enhancing collaborative workflows. Additionally, the device’s extensive battery life ensures uninterrupted operation during long shooting days, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Furthermore, the Betso WTCS-1’s robust build quality and advanced features make it a reliable and indispensable tool for demanding production environments. Thanks to its compact size and portability, it makes it convenient for on-location shoots, allowing for easy transport and setup.

Product Overview

The Betso WTCS-1 is an exceptional product that redefines wireless time code synchronization. With its compact and portable design, this device can be easily taken on the go. Additionally, its user-friendly interface ensures effortless operation, catering to both beginners and professionals. The WTCS-1 delivers reliable performance, ensuring accurate time code transmission even in challenging environments, and thanks to its long-lasting battery life, users can rely on uninterrupted usage during extended recording sessions. Affordable and feature-packed, the WTCS-1 is a valuable investment for anyone in need of seamless time code synchronization. Simplify your workflow with the Betso WTCS-1, combining portability, ease of use, reliability, and affordability in a single device.

Long-Lasting Power and Backup Battery

The Betso WTCS-1 is powered by six AA batteries, and can provide up to 100 hours of continuous time code generation. In the event of battery discharge, the WTCS-1 includes a built-in backup battery, ensuring an additional three hours of time code generation for a safe battery replacement without losing sync. Additionally, with its meticulous power management and a reliable backup system, the WTCS-1 ensures uninterrupted time code synchronization.

Seamless MovieSlate 8 Integration

By syncing with the MovieSlate 8 application through its built-in Wi-Fi network, the Betso WTCS-1 allows for the direct transfer of timecode, user bits, slate data, and user-selectable credits information. Additionally, you can customize the display settings, allowing you to determine the duration of the data display and specify the events that trigger the credit display. With a wide selection of over 60 credit information types, this device ensures comprehensive and efficient data management.

Robust and Lightweight Construction

Designed for daily use in the field, the Betso WTCS-1 is crafted from a stiff anodized aluminum alloy using CNC milling and laser cutting technologies. Furthermore, this results in a lightweight, durable, and compact device. On top of its durability, it also has high-quality details, which include wooden arms, a sealed battery door, and optional protective labels for writing sheets.

Highly Accurate Timecode Generation

The Betso WTCS-1 features an embedded high-precision temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) with a frequency accuracy of 0.2 ppm, ensuring stable and accurate timecode generation even in fluctuating environmental conditions.

Adjustable Writing Sheet Backlight

The WTCS-1’s adjustable writing sheet backlight offers three brightness settings for optimal readability. Additionally, the device comes with an applied writing sheet protector, ensuring durability and easy replacement if necessary.

Anti-glare, Super-bright LED Display

The Betso WTCS-1 is equipped with a 1-inch, anti-glare, super-bright graphical LED display, ensuring clear timecode readouts regardless of ambient light conditions. The display brightness can be manually adjusted or set to automatically adapt based on an integrated sensor.

Universal Timecode Compatibility

The Betso WTCS-1

stands out as a versatile device with its support for all existing SMPTE time code formats. This remarkable feature ensures seamless integration with any production workflow, making it a valuable tool for professionals in the film and video industry. Moreover, the WTCS-1’s compatibility extends beyond time code formats, as it effortlessly synchronizes with a wide range of equipment, including cameras, audio recorders, and editing systems. With this level of flexibility, production teams can work with confidence, knowing that the WTCS-1 will effortlessly sync and maintain accurate time code throughout the entire production process. Furthermore, its ability to seamlessly integrate with various systems makes the Betso WTCS-1 a reliable and indispensable asset on any set.



The Betso WTCS-1 wireless time code slate is truly an indispensable tool for film and video production professionals, providing a wide array of benefits that elevate your production workflow. Firstly, its long-lasting power ensures that you can rely on it for extended periods without interruptions. Additionally, the seamless MovieSlate 8 integration, robust construction, accurate timecode generation, adjustable writing sheet backlight, anti-glare LED display, universal timecode compatibility, and cutting-edge wireless transmission technology, the WTCS-1 is poised to revolutionize your production workflow. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your production process with the Betso WTCS-1 wireless time code slate.

Wireless RF Transmission Technology

The Betso WTCS-1 introduces an innovative wireless transmission concept for time code and status information, providing seamless on-set workflow management. Firstly, with its continuous jamming capability, each device connected to the network is effortlessly synchronized from the transmitter, ensuring precise time code accuracy. 

This wireless connectivity allows users to monitor the status of all other devices in the network, streamlining communication and enhancing overall efficiency. Furthermore,  the WTCS-1 impresses with its operating range of up to 500 meters in line-of-sight conditions. Additionally, with its RF protocol utilizes frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, it guarantees reliable functionality even in high RF noise environments. With its advanced wireless capabilities, the WTCS-1 revolutionizes time code and status information transmission for efficient on-set operations.

Technical specifications

Display: Graphical 1“ high, white LED display with adjustable brightness

Dimensions (h x w x d): 230 x 185 x 24 mm (9.0″ x 7.3″ x 0.9″)

Weight (w/o batteries): approx. 760g (1.68 lb)

Mechanical construction

CNC milled, anodized aluminium alloy and stiff wood


6x AA battery (alkaline or lithium) / 6x accu (NiMH, NiCd)

External powering 6 – 15 V DC

Current consumption: approx. 30 – 1000 mA *
approx. 4 mA in stand-by mode (arms of the slate closed)

Battery life
Up to 100 hours **

SMPTE TC formats
23,976 fps – 30 fps including DF and NDF (also 2x multiples: 23.976 fps – 60 fps supported)

Input TC sensitivity
0.2 – 10 V (p-p)

Frequency range
902 – 928 MHz (USA/Canada)
863 – 870 MHz (Europe)
922.4 – 928.0 MHz (Japan)

Number of channels

RF output power
10mW (10dBm)

Operating range
up to 500m **** (Depending on Brightness of LED Display)

Advanced features

RF transmission

RF transmission of time code and device status information

GPS calibration
Factory GPS based calibration of TCXO with better than 0,1ppm accuracy result

Jamming calibration
Jamming calibration feature to copy master’s TCXO precision

Cross jamming
Cross jamming allowes timecode sync between two different framerates

Auto ON
Automatic power ON function after active time code detection

Smart arm LED
Can flash during each zero frame of each second and also in the frame of clapping

Backlight of writing area of the slate

Display orientation
Allows to set 180° display rotation for upside down WTCS-1 LED display readout including automatic display rotation

Ambient light sensor
Display brightness can be adjusted automatically according to actual ambient light conditions

TC offset
Time code offset adjustment from -10.0 to 10.0 frames with 0.1 frame step

UB settings
Variable user bits settings including preset value, jammed user bits, live external timecode insertion or real time date and time insertion

Real Time Clock
Real time clock option for user bits settings including combinations of year, month, day, hour, minute and second

GPS time TC
Starts to generate exact UTC time code synchronized all over the world

USB ready
USB connector available for future firmware upgrades

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