Bubblebee Piece-a-Fur is meant for all those Windy Moments where you just need more Wind Protection!

More than just a Piece-A-Fur…

From the looks of it, The Piece-A-Fur simply looks like a piece of fur in a bag. Almost identical to an overgrown URSA Straps Fur CirclesRycote Overcovers, or even the Bubblebee version of Wind Protection called Fur Covers. Even with all of these different options available, the Piece-A-Fur has an interesting application. Their purpose? Wind, surely. But can they be used for more? Absolutely!

The Bubblebee Industries Piece-a-Fur comes in a variety of colors!

The Piece-Of-Fur (which comes in multiple colors: Black, White, Off-White, Grey, Brown, Beige) is made of a high-quality imitation fur. It is thick, soft, and durable, with a porous back material on the other side which allows sound frequencies through while using dense, soft fur to deaden friction and reduce wind noise. This combination of using an open base material with dense, high-quality fur sets the Piece-A-Fur apart and can help improve your recordings greatly.


  • Cut the Piece-A-Fur into pieces as desired to make your own wind protection.
  • Eliminate clothing/costume noise caused by friction by cutting and placing under or between the layers of fabric.
  • Reduces friction noise remarkably when rubbed against clothing, hairy chests, skin, etc.
  • The fur is specially selected for its high density to deaden friction/rubbing noise
  • The Piece-A-Fur is less shiny or reflective than many other fur types to blend in better with skin, clothing, or other surroundings.
  • Soft, durable, comfortable, and easy to work with.
  • Stitching into costumes can reduce noise caused by movement in tight areas of fabric.
  • A wide range of colors to help the Piece-A-Fur blend in almost any situation.
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

The Piece-A-Fur gives you the opportunity to play with a piece of our specially produced wind protection faux-fur yourself. It’s lush. You simply cut out the Piece-a-Fur in the desired size and shape and use it when mounting a microphone.

This might come in handy if you work with uneven or problematic surfaces like a hairy chest that creates friction noise when recording. It is one of the many topics covered in our Wiring Talent Masterclass here on VideoMantis.com

The Piece-a-Fur comes in the following six colors: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Off-White, and Beige and will partner up perfectly with our Invisible Lav Tape.


A soft, durable piece of faux-fur in either black, brown, grey, beige, off-white or white

Measurements:36 cm x 10 cm (14.1” x 4”).

Weight: 15g (incl. packaging)


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