The Catchbox is an entirely new concept on wireless audio specifically for audience engagement. Its purpose is to make the Q and A section of any presentation much more entertaining. The concept is being able to throw your audience mic around the room to the person instead of handing out a microphone or having the audience walk up to a question podium. it is an incredible tool and is very easy to use. We were using the Lite Version, which allows you to integrate your own wireless system into the CatchBox infrastructure. Let’s break it down.

Full Disclosure: This product was given to me from a good friend of mine, Matthew Brodnick, to play with for a few of the seminars we have had recently at Video Mantis. It has been a tremendous help and I appreciate him letting me keep it this long! We are using the


First impression? This is by far the cutest wireless microphone product you will ever find.

The unit comes in a very compact box that opens very easily, holding the Catch Box in a little bucket.

Pulling the Catchbox out of the box will expose the manual as well as other adapter cables that allow you to integrate the unit with your specific wireless system.

The adapter cables in the box were as followed:

RCA to 3 Pin Mini XLR Female

RCA to 4 Pin Mini XLR Female

RCA to 5 Pin Mini XLR Female

RCA to Mono Mini Male

These cables will allow you to integrate with just about any wireless transmitter on the market. All except 3 Pin Micro Lemo, which is used on some of the new smaller wireless systems like the Lectrosonics SSM and ZMT transmitters.

So, instead we opted to use a Lectrosonics SM Transmitter inside so we could utilities the TA5F adapters during the seminars.

Back to the Catchbox…

It is an incredible design, with all of the circuitry protected inside of the unit. It is held in place with an extremely strong magnet that makes a very entertaining and comforting click when it snaps into place as it is being slid back into its cube.

The cube itself is just foam, perfect shaped and perfectly made for lofting the unit in the air. No, this device is not meant to be thrown at someone’s face. It is meant to be lofted into the air at the person needing to ask a question. One of the best things about the Catchbox is they allow you to customize the cover. In fact, Matt had his BAMFSOUND logo on the side of this unit.

On top of the column there is an additional circular foam piece that is perfectly shaped to fit on the top of the cylinder. The goal of this piece is to complete the foam encapsulation as well as cover the microphone on the top of the cylinder.


The microphone on the Catchbox is an omnidirectional microphone that according to the website is used to capture audience sounds. My overall experience is the microphone sounded warm and clear when it came to hearing our audience.


One of the great features of the Catchbox is its ability to mute the audio automatically when thrown. This is due to the circuitry that us built into the cylinder of the unit. Simply put, it mutes the audio when it senses a bunch of vibration like it is being thrown.


The CatchBox began its journey our Video Mantis’ first seminar, Audio for VR Workshop with Ben Adams. This seminar was presented in front of a crowd that was 100% production sound mixers and sound utility technicians.

What does this mean?

Meticulous engineers that would never think in a million years to throw a wireless microphone! It took a little bit of getting the hang of for everyone and repeatedly informing everyone that it is ok to THROW the mic!


Next thing I learned: A room full of sound mixers equates to a bunch of people that cannot catch. Without naming names (everyone in the room that attempted to catch) missed and the CatchBox hit the floor multiple times. I bring this up because the product worked perfectly no issues, but it did get dirty.

All in all, the Catchbox company has made a spectacular product that truly does improve engagement… for most crowds!

You can pick up your own at

I am looking forward to picking up one in the near future for our continued needs here at!

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