Betso WTCS-1 Wireless Timcode Slate

Discover the Betso WTCS-1 wireless time code slate, a game-changing tool for film and video production professionals. Boasting a slim, lightweight design, Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with MovieSlate 8, and advanced features to streamline your workflow, the WTCS-1 is the ultimate solution for time code generation and synchronization.

The Betso WTCS-1 Wireless Timecode Slate

The Zoom F8n Pro: The Ultimate Professional Field Recorder

The Zoom F8n is a powerful and versatile field recorder designed for professional sound recordists. With its 8-channel/10-track recording capabilities, high-quality mic preamps, and a range of connectivity options including USB, timecode I/O, and interchangeable mic capsules, the F8n is a reliable and convenient solution for capturing pristine audio on location. Its 2.4-inch full-color backlit display, transport controls, and dedicated headphone output further enhance its usability, making it an excellent choice for any sound recordist.

The Zoom F8n Pro Recorder

Denecke TC-DA: Timecode Distribution Done Simple and Right

The Denecke TC-DA Timecode Distribution Amplifier is a powerful tool that is essential for professional video production. It allows you to distribute timecode signals to multiple devices, ensuring accurate synchronization and seamless production workflow. The TC-DA is built with high-quality components, providing reliable and stable timecode distribution in any production environment.

Learn about the Denecke TC-DA Timecode Distribution Amplifier
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