Sound Devices A20-Mini Transmitter

[vc_row][vc_column][thim-heading title=”A20-Mini” main_title=”Transmitter” title_uppercase=”true” clone_title=”” line=”true”][vc_column_text]The Sound Devices A20-Mini is a miniature transmitter that is extremely jam-packed with features without exploding too many variables on the transmitters themselves. There are no menus or switches; having only one button underneath the battery door for powering on the A20-Mini as well as pairing it to a mobile …

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Lectrosonics DBSM and DBSMD Digital Transmitters

Lectrosonics is one of the most widely used wireless systems in the world today, especially in production. Now, with the introduction of the Digital SM series DBSM and DBSMD, these digital transcorders (transmitter AND recorder) are incredible additions to an ever-growing lineup of products in the Lectrosonics digital ecosystem. Let’s break down the DBSM and …

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Lectrosonics DCR822 Quick Overview

Lectrosonics is no stranger to ENG Mixing Bags around the world, and the new DCR822 Receiver brings their signature digital architecture with remarkable audio quality and ultra-low latency into our world. It is a compact 2-channel digital receiver with analog and digital audio outputs. Because of its sleek and familiar form factor, a lot of Production …

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The New Zaxcom BlueFin 2 Antenna

Zaxcom has just launched its new BlueFin 2 Antenna. This is an upgrade from their original Antenna and is even more tuned for precision. The main difference between the old version and the new BlueFin 2 has a near-perfect SWR (Standing Wave Ratio). It is also slightly smaller and more rounded (with a Z in the …

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First Look at the Lectrosonics DCHR

Earlier today, Lectrosonics announced the new DCHR miniature, stereo digital receiver! It looks familiar because it is in the same lineup as the DCHT stereo digital transmitter. The DCHR is aimed at production sound, sports video production, reality TV, and anywhere a wireless stereo camera hop or a super-compact digital receiver is needed. Regardless of the …

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The Lectrosonics DCHR
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