Script Supervisor 101

Welcome To Script Supervising 101 Welcome to our Script Supervising course, and thank you for choosing to embark on this educational journey with us! Prepare to delve deep into the fascinating world of Script Supervising and discover how crucial it is to the filmmaking process. Script Supervising is the perfect career choice for those passionate …

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Script Supervisor 101 with Hannah Driscoll

Recording Better Interview Audio

Welcome to Recording Better Interview Audio Hello and welcome to the Recording Better Interview Audio Course at! My name is Thomas Popp, and I’ll be your guide as we dive deeper into the world of sound. Sound has always played a crucial role in my life, and I believe that if we listen more …

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Recording Better Interview Audio with Thomas Popp

Boom Right Masterclass

Being a Boom Operator is one of the most challenging positions on a film set. Boom Operators are in charge of capturing the performances of the actors with microphones on set. It is not considered an entry-level position, and should never be entrusted to someone without experience. Learning how to become a boom operator can …

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Boom Right Masterclass with Ken Strain

Introduction to Audio for VR

The way we consume media is rapidly changing. So are the technologies used to create them. On a VR production, the sound team is tasked with more responsibility and gear than a traditional shoot. But you also become more than a recordist or mixer, you become the location sound designer! There are many new workflows …

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Practical Filmmaking Guide

Welcome to the Practical Filmmaking Guide at The three basic building blocks of video content are your lights, camera, and how you move your camera. The combination of these three critical components can make or break your production. First, you will learn about real-world lighting. Even though you may not have a Hollywood production …

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Practical Filmmaking Guide with Barry Andersson
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