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Being a Boom Operator is one of the most challenging positions on a film set. Boom Operators are in charge of capturing the performances of the actors with microphones on set. It is not considered an entry-level position, and should never be entrusted to someone without experience. Learning how to become a boom operator can be extremely daunting, and takes years to master. Boom Right Masterclass is the perfect course for aspiring Boom Operators that want to learn more about this amazing trade.

Boom Operators have to be aware of many factors. They must be a master of their own department. Furthermore, they have to communicate with other departments. If you can’t communicate well, your time as a Boom Operator will be short-lived. Ken Strain demonstrates these basic skills needed to excel on a film set. The course will instill a base level of technique and communication that can be the foundation for a successful and injury-free career.

Boom Right Masterclass

If you are here, you have probably seen tons of Boom Operator videos on YouTube and other social media sites. Do yourself a favor. Leave all of the things you have learned outside this course outside at the door. Boom Right is years of education from countless productions, jam-packed into one online Masterclass. It will teach you perspective in ways no other course or YouTube video can.

What is a Boom Operator?

A Boom Operator is a member of the Production Sound Team. Their role on set is to be the representative for Sound on Set. Using a Boom Pole (a special tool for Boom Operators), they will suspend a microphone over an actor in real-time, capturing performances of the talent, while keeping out of lights and frames. Great Boom Operators can capture incredible performances that wouldn’t seem possible without the use of wireless.

A Boom Operator has to learn many skills. First, you will learn how to carefully choose and adjust your equipment so that you can move with more freedom and comfort. Your equipment can be the difference between being able to boom a difficult shot, or having to sit it out and rely on wireless mics. Some of the equipment shown will allow you to safely leave your microphone on set, allowing you to plant microphones with speed and ease. The Boom Right Masterclass will help you will all of these skills, plus more.

Proper Handling Goes a Long Way

Holding a Boom Pole correctly is fundamental. In our Boom Right Masterclass, Ken demonstrates how to hold and move with the boom. You may see some of this information directly challenges what you see in popular YouTube videos by less experienced influencers. We go from broad technique to addressing subtler aspects of mic handling for dialogue that make a noticeable difference in quality. There are tricks and tips in this course that would take years to discover on your own.

How to Become a Boom Operator

As a Boom Operator, a huge part of your success depends on how you work with other people on the set. We show you how to approach the set with the right mindset, and with this, we will include set etiquette so that you start off on the right foot. Everything you need to level up is here. Integrate it and innovate it!


Learning Outcomes

Select and adjust the equipment you use for maximum effectiveness

Learn fundamental techniques in holding and using the boom

Keep your shoulders and arms from wearing out

Learn new approaches to common situations on set

Interface with the whole crew and your own department for maximum effectiveness

Several wiring techniques are shared

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