Introducing the Denecke TC-DA

The Denecke Dcode TC-DA is a compact and lightweight timecode distribution amplifier and reshaper, designed for use in professional settings where accurate and reliable timecode is essential. It allows for the reshaping and amplification of low-level timecode to a 3 Volt peak-to-peak level, making it compatible with most professional equipment.

Key features of the Denecke Dcode TC-DA

Key features of the Denecke Dcode TC-DA include:

  1. Compact and lightweight design: Measuring 3.00″ x 1.06″ x 1.50″ and weighing only 4 oz, it is easy to transport and integrate into various setups.
  2. Low-level zero crossing detector: This feature helps reshape marginal timecode into usable timecode.
  3. Low output impedance: This enables the device to drive long lines without signal degradation.
  4. BNC input and outputs: One BNC input and four BNC outputs provide multiple connection options.
  5. 2 side recessed BNC outputs: This design helps maintain a compact footprint.
  6. 3 Volt peak-to-peak output level: This output level is compatible with most professional equipment.
  7. CNC machined aluminum case: The durable case ensures the device is protected from damage and wear.
  8. Low power consumption: This feature helps reduce the overall energy usage of the device.
  9. LED power indicator: The power indicator allows users to monitor the power status at a glance.
  10. Optional external power supply: An external power supply can be used to provide additional power when needed.


  • Input: -15dB @ 4.7K; BNC Connector
  • Output: Four, 3.00V peak-peak into 600 ohm load; BNC Connector
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • External Power: 6V to 16V DC; 50mA
  • Size: 3.00” (W) x 1.06” (H) x 1.50” (D) (76.2mm x 26.9mm x 38.1mm)
  • Power Connector: 4 Pin Hirose connector for external power (1 = Ground, 4 = Vdc)

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with the end-user in mind, the Denecke TC-DA features an intuitive interface… that’s because there really isn’t one… There are just inputs and outputs that help you distribute your timecode on set. =

Built to Last

Understanding the demanding nature of production environments, the TC-DA is designed with durability in mind. Its weather-resistant construction ensures that the device remains reliable and accurate even in challenging conditions, making it suitable for on-set use.

Efficient Power Management

The Denecke TC-DA is equipped with a 12v Hirose input to allow you to connect a power supply the amplier. 

Simplify Your Timecode Distribution

Simply put, the Denecke TC-DA is a reliable and user-friendly timecode device that excels in providing accurate timecode distribution. Its precise timecode generator, versatile connectivity options, intuitive interface, and durable design make it an invaluable tool for professionals in the audio-visual industry.

To learn more about the Denecke TC-DA and how it can improve your production workflow, visit the official Denecke website.

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