Denecke TS-3: Ultimate Operation Guide

Denecke TS-3 Timecode Slate

Denecke TS-3 Comprehensive Guide

The Denecke TS-3 Timecode Slate is an essential tool for professionals in the film and video production industry. With its versatile features and user-friendly design, the TS-3 enhances your workflow and ensures seamless synchronization throughout your projects.

Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this industry-leading slate.

Denecke TS-3 Features

SMPTE/EBU Time Code Compatibility The Denecke TS-3 reads and displays SMPTE/EBU Time Code, utilizing an internally mounted SB-2 Syncbox Time Code Generator. This allows the unit to jam to all standard frame rates, including 30 drop-frame, while automatically setting user bits when the time is set.

High Stability Crystal & TCXO The TS-3 comes standard with a high stability crystal and a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) for extreme temperature ranges. This ensures low drift and optimal performance in various shooting conditions.

Flat Back & Removable Plate The slate features a flat back for easy handling and a removable plate designed for holding camera logs, making it convenient and versatile for on-set use.

Colored Clapper The Denecke TS-3 is equipped with a colored clapper, offering high visibility and easy identification during the production process.

EL Backlit Display The EL Backlit Display is particularly useful for night shoots and dimly lit stages, ensuring clear visibility and smooth operation in low-light conditions.

Voltage Readout & Low Battery Warning A battery voltage readout and low battery warning keep you informed about the slate’s power status, preventing unexpected interruptions during production.

Easy Access Door The TS-3 features a small sliding door for quick access to controls and the battery pack, allowing for easy adjustments and battery replacement on the go.

Sync Error Warning The Sync Error warning alerts users to different frame rates being input, ensuring proper synchronization and preventing potential issues during post-production.

Automatic Frame Rate Detection The Denecke TS-3 automatically detects the incoming frame rate and sets itself accordingly, streamlining the setup process and reducing the risk of errors.

Logging Feature A logging feature allows users to scroll back through the last 16 timecode claps, providing a helpful reference and enhancing the organization of your project.


The Denecke TS-3 Timecode Slate offers an array of advanced features and benefits designed to improve your video production workflow. From its high stability crystal to its intuitive interface and convenient design elements, the TS-3 is an indispensable tool for professionals in the industry. Visit Denecke’s website to learn more about this cutting-edge timecode slate and enhance your production process today.

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