DPA 4466 and 4488 Core Headsets

DPA Microphones is in the process of refining all of its headset lavaliers with its new and improved core technology. The new DPA 4466 and 4488 Core Headset Microphones are no joke. Not only are they core, but they are also (extremely small) have a “one-size-fits-all” style, and just look damn sexy.

4466/4488 CORE Headset Microphones

It makes sense if you think about it. When a microphone that is 5mm in diameter takes the world by storm, it is only time before users start begging for a headset lavalier version that thwarts the competition. These Headset Microphones for talent have two options. The Core 4066 Headset is the omnidirectional option, while the 4088 is the directional version. These are the most advanced headsets – secure, durable, and flexible – for segments including Theatre, Broadcast, House of Worship, and Conferencing.

  • One-size-fits-all – head sizes and shapes
  • Comfortable 3-point grip – above, below, behind the ear
  • Easily adjustable – frame size, boom length, placement
  • 90° adjustable cable guide – keeps the cable out of sight
  • Non-reflective PVD surface on headset frame, boom, capsule

 Why So Many?

It is no secret that DPA has a lot of headset lavaliers in the pool currently. Personally, I say the more the merrier. It allows you to pick the characteristics of the lavalier that are perfect for the job. However, in this situation, they definitely seem to be in the situation of releasing the core version for more and more microphones like the 4066 and 4088.

Learn more about DPA Core Technology here.

Let’s Talk Headset Frames

DPA has continually been refining their headset frames for their lavaliers throughout the years. The newest rendition, the Refind Headset Frame has an even more comfortable feel and feature set:

  • One-size-fits-all – accommodates small to large heads
  • The best adjustable headset – height and boom length
  • The only headset with a 90° cable management at the neck
  • Non-reflective, PVD surface treatment, which is attractive and durable
  • A unique 3-point gripping system, above, below, and behind the ear
  • Curved to fit the shape of the head
  • Flexible ear hooks that remain comfortable even during extended use


What About Colors?

DPA is never a stickler when it comes to colors for their headset lavaliers. All the regular colors from older models will be available: black, brown, and beige (golden).

The beige (golden) color is known from the new headset frame that DPA announced with the DPA 6066 a while back… The surface is made of PVD causing a golden tint that looks spectacular. This new microphone headset is less reflective and truly looks professional.

Purchasing Guide for 4466/4488 Lavaliers

When purchasing the DPA CORE 4466/4488 Headsets, it can be confusing at first if you don’t understand the SKU number. Luckily, DPA has a microphone configuration guide that makes it easy to understand. It allows you to select the type (either 4466 or 4488) followed by color, and then termination.

Here are the basic SKUs for purchasing if you are using their DPA Microdot Adapters.

DPA CORE 4466 Omnidirectional Headset

  4466-OC-R-F00   4466 CORE Omni Headset Mic, Beige, MicroDot

DPA CORE 4488 Directional Headset

  4488-DC-R-F00  4488 CORE Directional Headset Mic, Beige, MicroDot


It doesn’t matter how you use the DPA 4466/88, be it a wireless headset option for your live talent on stage or even a simple and elegant educational tool to improve the clarity of your audio for your students. It is a great option with clarity that you can only get from DPA. However, there is always more to wiring talent than just placing a wireless headset on your actor or actress. You need to understand the set and how to interact with your talent. Learn more in our How to Wire Talent Masterclass.

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