Eric Leek, the founder of Hide-a-Mic teamed up with Wilcox Sound and Communications to put on an Easy Miking Seminar. It was a huge turnout, even with all the rain in Los Angeles. It was an incredible event with great food and even better guests. Over 50 people showed up for the event to support Eric and learn some of the techniques directly from the founder of the company. It was an honor to be at the event and cover it.

We started live about 15 minutes before the event happened, which gave us time to chat it up with David Cook and Doc Justice of Halter Technical. Always good to catch up with friends while we waited for Eric to go Live!

One of the things that I noticed about Eric is that he uses a variety of different mounts and tools (not just his own). A master has as many tools as possible, because sometimes one option will work while others won’t.

If you want to know what happened,  you need to watch the seminar! Click the video above to enjoy the free education brought to you by

Mark Criscuolo from SuitX was also in town to show off Version 3 of the ShoulderX Exoskeleton Suit. I was able to try it on again and give it a demo. Very cool system. Click here to see the demonstration.

Special Thanks to Hide-a-Mic for supporting us and putting on this Easy Miking Seminar.

We also did a Vault Talk with Eric two days before the event. He was able to break down the BFLEX Wiring Mount, which is a must for your wiring kit.

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