Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Eric Leek, the founder of Hide-a-Mic. He is a sound mixer from Amsterdam and has been working in Production Sound for over 25 years.

The inspiration for Hide-a-Mic came from Eric seeing a flower while on a trip. Then it was on to creating diagrams and early prototypes using 3D printers.


The newest accomplishment of Hide-A-Mic is most definitely the BFLEX. Because it is made of silicone rubber, it can easily encapsulates the microphone and protect it from loose shirt or clothing.

There is an opening where the diaphragm of the microphone can be out in the open.

One Minute Easy Miking Solutions Event

There is also an event happening this Monday at 12PM at Wilcox Sound and Communications. Eric will be on stage teaching people one minute miking solutions!

There will be free food, raffles, and also another demonstration from Mark and the team over at suitX. They are on Version 3 of the harness now. If you want to watch the older vault talk on the version one harness, click here.

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