The Lectrosonics DCHR

First Look at the Lectrosonics DCHR

Earlier today, Lectrosonics announced the new DCHR miniature, stereo digital receiver! It looks familiar because it is in the same lineup as the DCHT stereo digital transmitter. The DCHR is aimed at production sound, sports video production, reality TV, and anywhere a wireless stereo camera hop or a super-compact digital receiver is needed. Regardless of the application, the Lectrosonics DCHR is definitely an incredible transmitter in a very tight form factor.


The DCHR is not only compatible with the DCHT. It is also able to receive from many transmitters in the Lectrosonics D Squared lineup:

    1. M2T (unencrypted Stereo TX)
    2. M2T-X (encrypted Stereo TX)
    3. DBu
    4. DHu
    5. DPR

Here is a quick list of the key features:

  • Tunes across 144 MHz from 470-614 MHz (covers A1 and B1 ranges)
  • Compatible with DBu, DHu, DPR, DCHT, and MT2 Transmitters
  • Selectable AES3 or analog mic/line-level outputs
  • AES 256-CTR encryption
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Two AA battery power
  • Solid machined aluminum housing
  • Optional powering from external DC with LTBATELIM
  • Extremely fast RF scanning and setup via IR


Supplied Accessories: the DCHR ships with AMJ antennas, a wire belt clip, and AA batteries.



Recommended Accessories:

21926 USB cable for firmware updates

BCSLEBN spring-loaded belt clip, gray

DCR12/A5U universal DC power supply

LTBATELIM for external powering (requires DC power supply)

MCDTA5TA3F output cable, for two channels of AES digital audio on one TA3F connector

MCDTA5XLRM output cable, for two channels of AES digital audio on one XLRM connector

MCTA5PT2 output cable, analog audio on two pigtail pairs

MCTA5TA3F2 output cable, analog audio on two TA3 connectors



We Love the Lectrosonics DCHR, but what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below!

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