There is nothing worse than being in the dark and needing to make adjustments on your mix, only to have trouble seeing. By the time you fumble around, you have probably missed the moment you needed to adjust for anyway. Enter Glo-Pots.

Disclaimer: Phil Jackson and David Levine from COGA Sound are good friends of mine. They sent me over a few packs of faders for both my Zaxcom Nomad and Sound Devices MixPre-10T recorders. I haven’t taken them off my devices yet. In no way did our friendship affect this review; these are honestly a really cool product.


These types of products are very easy to review. Since there are no moving parts once they are attached properly, it comes down to this: Does it Work?

Yes. They are faders and they seamlessly replace the faders that come with the recorders we know and love. They are made out of a very hard plastic and are printed to perfection.



Installing the Glo-Pots is extremely easy. They have guides on their website to help, which are referenced here for anyone that needs them:

Sound Devices Installation Page

Zaxcom Installation Page

Fashion Accessory

As silly as it sounds, having COGA Sound Glo-Pots on my mixer has done something besides show me my faders in a dark time of need. It is something that attracts others that look at your bag.

At least a handful of jobs a month have random workers on set asking what is up with my faders. It becomes an exciting adventure sharing Glo-Pots with them and letting them shine the blacklight on the pots.

These are great gifts for friends or mixers in your inner-circle. If you are looking for other great gifts, check out all the different Production Tees available over at

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