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When it comes to working in the field, it is always about finding the tools and accessories needed in order to speed yourself up while maintaining quality and efficiency. The Viviana Hook from solves one of the biggest timewasters and challengers onset: putting your bag on and off in between breaks! Get ready to throw your carabiners away!

The Challenge of Getting In and Out

When I was working on the television show JAIL (the sister show of cops – I worked on both), I would rarely take my ENG Sound Bag off. It is not because I loved to murder my back. It was that at literally any moment, a prison fight or other scene might take place. If I am not ready to jump up as fast as my camera operator, then I am late, and causing the beginning parts of the camera recordings do not have an audio source going to them immediately until I am suited up!

It seems like a simple task to get in and out of your ENG Kit quickly. It is not always the case. I don’t care what audio harness you use (and there are a few incredible ones out there like the K-Tek Stingray Harness and the ORCA OR-40). There are multiple points that make it not as simple as grabbing a camera and hitting record.

The Viviana Hook is extremely lightweight and simple to install on any harnessThe Viviana Hook

The Viviana Hook is made out of Aluminum and is extremely light. Instead of using Carabiners (which break over time, are cheap, and have a tendency to squeak), the Viviana Hook screws into your harness or shoulder strap in order-making attaching to your audio bag quickly and easily. Unscrew the thumbscrew in the back of the Viviana Hook and loop it around the same strap where your carabiners used to live. Then screw the Hook back together.

It is recommended to use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten the Hook before using it on a gig to ensure it doesn’t come apart before a full day’s use.

The Viviana Hook is simple to install on virtually any harness. Just unscrew the thumbscrew in the back and attach it to your harness.Can the Viviana Hook Attach to an Older Harness?

The back of the Viviana Hook has a round ring which is held on with a thumbscrew that threads on.

How much weight can the Viviana Hook Hold?

Up to about 75 pounds (35Kg) Max Load.


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