In this episode of Vault Talk, we discuss headphones with Doc Justice of Halter Technical. He is revealing a new product called the Scene Monitor Headset that is sure to be on your list for anything IFB related. It is a perfect lightweight headset that looks a lot more professional than your gas station grabs before call time.

Scene Monitor Headset

Included with every Scene Monitor Headset are two sets of earpads.  The silicone ear pads are very durable and easy to clean and maintain.  The leather earpads offer a luxury aesthetic and appeal.  Because the speakers on each Scene Monitor twist to flatten out, it’s a breeze to store multiple Scene Monitors together.  The single cable is 3-feet in length, and won’t kink or snag as a coiled cable will

Finally, headphones you can wear all day!  The Scene Monitor was built for those creative types that need comfortable headphones that won’t weigh them down during their workday.  Whether on set, on location, or in an office, the Scene Monitor will allow you to do what you do best…create!


Speaker: 40mm
Impedance: 32Ohms+15%@1000Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 110±3dB@1000Hz
Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
Rated Power: 3mW
Maximum Power: 5mW
THD: ≤5%
Connector: 3.5mm


Hey, do you want to learn more about headphones? Check out our free lesson from inside our Recording Better Interview Audio Course. It discusses a lot of the aspects Doc Justice and I go over but in a more concentrated form. It helps you to understand WHO is listening and why, and how to feel about that…

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