There is nothing more aggravating than a lavalier microphone that keeps sliding down into the shot by poking out of the neck tie. Hide-A-Mic SILI-PADS are here to help and do so in an elegant fashion. These simple sticky squares are perfect for keeping wiring accessories right where you put them!



Hide-a-Mic Sili-Pads

SKU: Silipad1
Sili-Pads are a thin and transparent sticky adhesive that really packs a punch. They come 40 to a pack which is divided onto 2 sheets. The sheets come perforated, which help when tearing them into more manageable strips for when working on the day. They are perfect for attaching microphone concealers to clothing, tables, or anything that you need to stick it to.

The main goal of any adhesive is to be silent, transparent, and sticky as hell. These Hide-A-Mic SILI-PADS are the trifecta and do all three. This is a lifesaver for us, as in Production Sound we rarely get second takes. If we are always shooting the rehearsals and not getting additional takes, we need to ensure that the lavalieres stay put exactly where we place them.


I recommend tearing the perforations into rows of 4. This way you ways have a few Hide-a-Mic Sili-Pads available without having to pull out the whole pack. This is a perfect number to have with you at any moment. Having more means the possibility of losing all of them if you put your kit down and forget to pick it back up! You will need to keep the plastic barrier on the cutouts to ensure you don’t waste any adhesive if it sticks to the inside of your pockets or Hip Pack. These are for the really tough jobs. Because of that, they are a little more pricier than most of the adhesives on the market.


Sometimes you are in a pinch and don’t have time to go to a dedicated production sound store, you can pick up similar stickies to the Hide-a-Mic SILI-PADS, called ZOTS. They are NOT the same but come in smalllarge, and 3D sizes which can be beneficial if you need a bigger sized adhesive.

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