Introducing the Lavalier Switch Kit from Point Source Audio

Point Source Audio announced the new Lavalier Switch Kit into their arsenal today. With a Trew Audio Exclusive to boot, this new Lavalier Switch Kit is an incredible product for anyone that wants to take the guesswork out of purchasing Lavaliers.

Lavalier Switch Kit

The Lavalier Switch Kit is based on the same Series 8 Microphones that have been in existence before. These lavaliers are power horses, sound very clean, have a low noise floor, and are essentially easy to hide. This is a perfect kit for anyone working in ENG or even high-demanding weather conditions like rain or snow. This is because of not only the characteristics of the microphone but also all of the wind caps which can act as an additional layer of elemental protection.

The Lavalier Switch Kit hosts not only a lavalier but literally all of the accessories you would ever need to use in the field. First off, the 3 color earmolds are part of their Embrace Technology (patent pending) which literally hugs the lavalier on the face in a nice comfortable way that you actually will forget you are wearing it. They also give you three different colors (Black, Brown, Beige) which allow you to easily transform the lavalier into any other color within seconds.

The accessories do not stop there. Point Source decided to pack in both White and Black versions of essentially all of their accessories and all colors of their wind protection. This makes the Lav Switch Kit an easy choice for beginners making their first lav choices because of all the additional things that you have to buy AFTER which really rack up the price of your lavalier after the initial purchase.

X Connectors

The Lav Switch Kit comes with not only accessories but (2) different X Connectors. These adapters take a different approach, building a molded cable that gently screws together to make a locking connection. It is very easy to thread on and has teeth in the moldings to indicate when to stop. You do not need to crank these adapters down to get them to make contact.

The first X Connector that you get is the one you choose when purchasing. There are 4 different models of Lav Switch Kits that pretty much take care of any wireless user out there:


3.5mm Stereo Mini Locking for Sennheiser


Mini XLR 4 Pin for Shure


3 Pin Lemo Style for Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, and More


Mini XLR 5 Pin Style for Lectrosonics

What is great is you get an additional XPH Connector as a Bonus. This adapter allows you to connect the Lavalier inside the Switch Kit with your computer or media devices, allowing this to truly be a versatile product that is more than just for work! With the XPH adapter, you can make greater sounding projects with your phone, or even have Better Sounding Zoom Meetings like in one of our other blogs.


This product is a sure bet for anyone who needs to “Have It All”. If you don’t want to do the guesswork when it comes to purchasing a quality microphone with all of its accessories in one big swoop, then definitely check out the Point Source Audio Lavalier Switch Kit, available at a Trew Audio near you!

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