Keeping your Lavaliers Organized

As you start purchasing gear for your profession, remember the value in protecting your investment from the very beginning. In this #VaultTalk, Video Mantis Creator Thomas Popp goes over some of the tips and tricks that helps to keep himself organized and into the right mindset when working. It is all about being so organized you can find anything in a moment (because that is sometimes all you have!). We will be breaking down some of the best Lavalier Organization with Cases and other Storage Mediums from companies like K-Tek, Orca Bags, Viviana, and even the new bad boy in town, Zarges.

The detail that goes into organizing your lavaliers and keeping them ready for use every time is very important to drill into your way of working. Don’t be lazy and throw them in a bag and deal with it later. It helps you to catch more loss and damaged items, as well as shorten your prep times when you aren’t being paid for them. Everyone loves being in a shop, but balance is what keeps you going further than just plowing through until you drop. Little things go a long way.

Over Under

Just like a normal XLR Cable, you need to remember to over under your lavaliers. If you just over, over, over them all the time, you will get spirally cables that will not make it easy to hide later as the cable gets more brittle over time. Cables can retain their shape, and if you are wrapping them this way (incorrectly), then you will have them memorizing their shape. It is so much easier to pick up both ends of a lavalier and drop the middle and see a perfectly flat cable drop down like a jump rope, ready to be applied. If you need help with over undering your cables, here is a free lesson from our Recording Better Interview Audio Course.

Cases to Consider

There are many different types of Lavalier Cases that help with organization. Small, Big, Soft, Hard. I will recommend a few different kinds to help you get through your days. There are even some cases that come with lavaliers (like Countryman, DPA, and Deity as well as other brands) that supply cases with their lavaliers that work perfect!

Depending on how you work, you may want keep all of your lavaliers in one big pouch, or possibly smaller singular ones. However you work, don’t me the guy at the airport (me) that drops their lavalier pouch out of their ENG Bag at the security checkpoint and have to make them shipped to you overnight. NOT FUN. Ok, side note has been delivered.

Single Pouches

K-Tek has an incredible option with the Lavalier Pouch Triple Pack. These Lavalier Pouches are like your grandmas old coin purse. You squeeze on the ends and they pop open. These are perfect for your over-under lavaliers to be tucked neatly inside. They have a clear side to see exactly what is inside (look at the head and the connector), and can even be written on. The top white part of the frame is perfect for identifying its contents.

Gizmo and Orcas

Another great option to throw into your arsenal are storage cases that are easy to open and get into quickly. Both K-Tek and Orca Bags have incredible options.

K-Tek has their Gizmo Bag lineup. They have small, medium, and large cases are perfect for anything! They have clear sides that allow you to see what is inside as well. The smalls are exceptionally good for transporting lavaliers and transmitters to talent in production.

Orca Bags has their hard shell cases, which are sturdier, but do not have the clear visibility side like K-Tek. I have an assortment of both.

K-Tek Utility Pouch

I know this is more about staying organized post wrap, but the K-Tek Utility Pouch is too cool not to talk about AND needs to be prepped for the next job either. The whole premise of this invention is having a small utility cart on your hip. Multiple pouches allow you to store smaller tools and wiring accessories so you don’t need to be running back to the cart all the time. I recommend replenishing this pouch every other day or so at night to ensure you have no surprises when grabbing that “thing” that just ran out! This Utility Pouch is also perfect for storing your lavaliers as you go to wire someone on set the day of the gig. It was a game-changer for me to have my tools at my side but never in my way.

Newer Options All The Time

What type of cases do you use in your arsenal? Leave them in the comments below and we will add them to the list!

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