The Stingray Utility Hip Pack is a tool that is designed specifically with the assistant audio engineer in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a Boom Operator or a Sound Utility Technician, this product will simplify your life by becoming an extension of the Utility Sound Cart when working on a production.


Full Disclosure: K-Tek is one of our sponsors that has given us a headstart when we needed it most, allowing us to be their commercial production facility. They gave us a few of the Stingray Utility Hip Pouches in order to film their commercial and allowed us to keep these and review it for everyone with the understanding I will give an honest review and our relationship has no effect on this review.


Working as a Sound Utility Technician in Hollywood has changed over the years. Before, it was a lot more simple. We were responsible for moving carts and laying cables. The Sound Mixer and Boom Operator took care of pretty much everything else. There wasn’t as much wiring as there is today, which means the toolset we need as Sound Utility Technicians is a lot more diverse.

In 2019 and beyond, the Sound Utility Technician is a pivotal role in the success of a production and production sound crew in general. We are not only responsible for those roles of the past, but now immersed in the wiring of talent as well. I would equate our role in the sound department to that of a contest on Masterchef. There are 100 things to do and usually just the right amount of time to squeeze it all in magically.


There is nothing more frustrating that leaving your sound carts with all of your tools and accessories only to need something else the moment you get to set. The Stingray Hip Pouch eliminates about 90% of running back and forth to the Sound Utility Cart in order to finish your tasks on set. This repetitive going back and forth is a huge time killer and looks unprofessional if you keep having to go back and forth. I would put any and all of my wiring gack inside so I am always prepared on set.


Comfortable to wear, extremely versatile and spacious Hip Pack with two large main compartments for many accessories, tools and even your mobile phone.

It becomes a natural extension of your body – like a piece of clothing.

A wide waistbelt and removable thigh-strap ensure the Hip Pack stays in place like a thigh holster; but it can also be worn like a traditional fanny pack or even across the shoulder.

There are also two large main compartments that feature various storage pouches for many accessories, gizmos, gak and even mobile phones.

The Stingray Hip Pouch is big, but forms to your body. It can be worn a couple different ways:

  • On your Hip
  • Over you Shoulder (with Leg Straps Removed)
EAN: 0649906207856

Dimensions and Weights

  • Interior Dimension (width x depth x height): please see Specification below
  • Exterior Dimension (width x depth x height): 16 x 13 x 1.5 inch (41 x 33 x 4 cm)
  • Product Weight: 14 oz (390 g)


  • Main Compartment: 10″ wide X 10″ tall X >3″ deep (25 cm wide X 25 cm tall X >8 cm deep)
    • Large elastic Pouch: 6.5″ wide X 8.5″ tall (17 cm wide X 22 cm tall)
    • 2x small elastic pouches: 3.25″ wide X 3.75″ tall (8 cm wide X 10 cm tall)
      each fits Lav Pouches (KSLP1)
    • Large Zipper Pouch (See-Through PVC Mesh): 7″ wide X 7.5″ tall X >1.5″ deep (18 cm wide X 19 cm tall X >4 cm deep
  • Front Compartment: 7″ wide X 8.5″ tall (18 cm wide X 22 cm tall)
    • 2x small elastic pouches: 2.5″ wide X 3.5″ tall (6 cm wide X 9 cm tall)
    • Organizer for marker, pens, tools & scissors


The Stingray Hip Pack is large enough to fit a Sound Devices MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 plus various accessories for ultra-stealth recording. This allows you to be ultra portable and removes all of the excess weight that can cause fatigue during the day.

These Sound Devices MixPre Recorders can power externally from an external battery pack, and the Hip Pack can accommodate not only this but also wireless receiver backs and cables to truly make the smaller mobile setup imaginable. Having an extremely small kit like this would benefit any DSLR owner or beginning mixer that is just getting their feet wet.

All in all, it comes down to one simple thing on set. We need to be as efficient as possible. The K-Tek Stingray Hip Pack does just that. It makes you efficient by keeping everything you need right on your hip. I highly recommend having one for each of your crew members, as well as an additional “wiring gack pack” that allows you to hand off a wiring kit quickly to someone else.

Hope you enjoy yours… I love mine!

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