This year’s Sound Summit, hosted by Sound Devices is a new adventure (leaving NAB2020 in the dust) with manufacturers releasing their products digitally instead of in person this year. Lectrosonics has released a few new products in the IFB category this year with its new IFBR1B and CHSIFBR1B Charging Dock.

The Lectrosonics IFBR1B is all new and comes in multiple frequency ranges,

IFBR1A and IFBR1B Comparisons

For anyone that doesn’t know, the IFBR1B is a newer model to the older IFBR1a. The R1a has been around and used on sets for literally decades now, and is easily considered one of the workhorses.

The older Lectrosonics IFBR1a has been around for about 20 years!Even knowing there is almost a 20-year gap in creating their new model, the IFBR1b is very similar to the older model, in that it can be easily added to any older system without any compatibility issues. These receivers are means for dialogue on a film or narrative film set and

Both systems are 100% analog and have a narrowband signal with ± kHz max deviation. This allows the systems to both work with the IFBT4 transmitter or any other transmitters that are in the same IFB compatibility mode and frequency range. If you have any of their older transmitters, watch this video to learn how to change compatibility mode to IFB:

Ok, So What is Different Then?

The actual design of the product is so clean that the system will sound quieter with better sound. Personally, I have never “loved” IFBR1a receivers because you always hear a little hiss in the background. With these new units, the noise floor is a thing of the past.

In terms of size and ergonomics, the IFBR1B is about half the size and weight of its predecessor. It has an anodized coating rather than the powder coating like before. It also has a newer retention potentiometer knob that makes it harder to bump it on accident.

The IFBR1B has 2 LEDs on the top of the unit. The Blue LINK LED tells you whether or not the receiver is getting a high-quality signal. The other LED tells you the status of your power and battery for the unit.


The Lectrosonics IFBR1B has a new Blue LED Display

The Lectrosonics IFBR1B has a new bight blue backlit display, making it even easier to read in the bright sunlight or a dark stage. No more tweakers or hex switches! Hooray!


The IFBR1B allows you to program up to ten saved frequencies inside of the unit for fast switching to alternate transmitters. This alone makes this system a lifesaver. We will be shooting a specific video on this feature as soon as we get our hands on one!

Frequency Options

The new IFBR1B receivers do not come only in one area of the spectrum. They have a bunch of different models that work in UHF, VHF, and even the new 940 block.

A1 (470 MHz – 537 MHz)

B1 (537-614 MHz)

C1 (614-692 MHz)

VHF (174-216 MHz)

940  (941-960 MHz)


Rechargeable Batteries

The Lectrosonics IFBR1a uses LB-50 batteries as wellThe IFBR1B uses an LB-50 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cell. The runtime for a Full Battery is 8+ Hours. When your units are getting low, connect them to the CHSIFBR1B charger.

Can Charge up 4 IFBR1B Receivers just by dropping them into the charger. There is also an option for taking the batteries out and charging them by themselves.

You are also able to connect multiple chargers available. 4 chargers can use a single power supply to eliminate clutter and draw on your utility carts.The new IFBR1B charger can link up to 4 charging units to charge 16 units at a time

Option Belt Clips

The IFBR1BBCSL is an optional Belt Clip if you are not a fan of the wire clip that comes with the IFBR1b

If you are not a fan of the wire belt clip that comes with the unit, there is also an additional clamping clip (IFBR1BBSCL) that attaches with 2 small screws. This is a much easier clip to use in quicker scene changes etc but is not as profile as the clip.


I bet we will see a lot of R1a’s being sold as used in the near future! What do you think of the Lectrosonics IFBR1B and its new charger?

Let us know in the comments below!

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