Lectrosonics DCR822 Quick Overview

Lectrosonics is no stranger to ENG Mixing Bags around the world, and the new DCR822 Receiver brings their signature digital architecture with remarkable audio quality and ultra-low latency into our world. It is a compact 2-channel digital receiver with analog and digital audio outputs. Because of its sleek and familiar form factor, a lot of Production Sound Mixers happy to add these receivers to their arsenal.

Lectrosonics DCR822 Dual Compact Receiver

Lectrosonics DCR822

The DCR822 receiver is compatible with pure digital transmitters from the D Squared line including the DBu, DHu and DPr. The 822 is also compatible with stereo digital transmitters including the DCHT and M2T. Finally, the receiver is also backward compatible with any Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter made in the last 16+ years.

  • Continuously tunable tracking filters covering 470.100 – 614.375 MHz
  • Compatible with D2, Duet and Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters
  • Vector Diversity with two receivers per channel for superior digital signal recovery
  • High IP3 and high-current front ends for robust performance even in severe RF environments
  • IR bi-directional port for transmitter setup
  • Analog and Digital audio outputs with TalkBack (in applicable RX modes)
  • USB interface
  • Up to 4 channel recording on a microSD card (depending on RX modes)
  • AA Battery or external powering
  • Same cross-section as the UCR411a for mounting using existing hardware
  • Bright, high-density OLED display for clear viewing in any lighting conditions
  • AES 256-bit, CTR mode encryption, with 4 different key policies available

Lectrosonics DCR822 Front and Back

Unrivaled Quality

The DCR822 includes an extended operating range rivaling the best analog and Digital Hybrid Wireless® systems with continuously tunable tracking filters covering 470.100 – 614.375 MHz. The innovative Vector Diversity technology raises the bar for digital transmission integrity with two RF front ends per channel and a unique phase-matching system. The extremely robust RF front ends of the receiver will hold up in severe RF environments and close carrier spacing, whether analog or digital. The DCR822 also has a flexible output routing scheme, allowing a variety of applications including Talkback.


The DCR822 has a built-in recorder, that is designed for use with microSDHC memory cards. The larger XC and UC cards use a different formatting method and bus structure and are NOT compatible with the recorder. ONLY microSDHC memory cards should be used.

MicroSDHC Speed Class Chart

They are available in capacities from 4GB to 32GB. Look for the Speed Class 10 cards (as indicated by a C wrapped around the number 10), or the UHS Speed Class I cards (as indicated by the numeral 1 inside a U sym- bol). Also, note the microSDHC Logo.




Operating Frequencies (MHz):

Model A1:

470.100 – 614.375

B1: Model B1:

537.600 – 691.175

C1: Model 941:




Frequency Selection Steps:

25 kHz

Frequency Response:

25 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Frequency Stability:

±0.001 %

Front-End bandwidth:

±5.5 MHz, @ -3 dB


20 dB Sinad: 0.9 uV(-108 dBm), A-weighted

60 dB Quieting: 1.12 uV (-105 dBm), A-weighted

AM rejection:

>60 dB, 2 uV to 1 Volt

Modulation acceptance:

85 kHz

Spurious Rejection:

85 dB

Third-Order Intercept:

+15 dBm

Diversity Method:

Vector Diversity (Advanced True Diversity)

Antenna Inputs:

Dual SMA female jacks; 50 Ohm impedance

Audio Output:

Rear panel 2 TA3M connectors

Can drive 600 Ohm

Adjustable from -50 to +5 dBu in 1 dB Steps (into nominal 10 k balanced load)

Audio Performance (Overall System):


0.2% (typical)

Input Dynamic Range:

125 dB (with full Tx limiting)

Overall Latency (time delay):

1.4 ms with a digital source, <2.9 sm with Hybrid TX

Audio Test Tone:

1 KHz, -50 to +5 dBu, <1%THD

External Power:

Minimum 9 Volts to maximum 17 VDC

2.5 W; 170 mA at 12 VDC

Battery Life:

6 Hours Continuous w/ 4 disposable, 1.5VDC Lithium AA Batteries (Recommended)


408 grams with batteries (14.4 oz.)


3.23” wide x 1.23” high x 4.75” deep
82.042 wide x 31.242 high x 120.650 deep mm

Recorder Specifications

Storage media:

MicroSDHC Memory Card (up to 32 GB)

File format:

.wav files (BWF)

A/D converter:


Sampling rate:

48 kHz

Recording modes/Bit rate:

24 bit – 144 Kilobytes per channel (up to 4)

Audio Performance:

Frequency Response:

25Hz to 20 kHz;

Dynamic Range:

+0/-3 dB 110 dB (A),


Before Limiting < 0.035%

Lectrosonics DCR822 Manual (from Lectrosonics Website) – DCR822 – Manual

Lectrosonics DCR822 Data Sheet (from Lectrosonics Website) – DCR822 – Data Sheet



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