Lectrosonics DBSM and DBSMD Digital Transmitters

Lectrosonics is one of the most widely used wireless systems in the world today, especially in production. Now, with the introduction of the Digital SM series DBSM and DBSMD, these digital transcorders (transmitter AND recorder) are incredible additions to an ever-growing lineup of products in the Lectrosonics digital ecosystem. Let’s break down the DBSM and DBSMD and all their exciting features.

DMSM and DBSMD Transmitters

The DBSM and DBSMD will look very familiar to most Lectrosonics aficionados who have used the SMWB and SMDWB in the past. They have identical form factors, with the entirety of the guts redesigned for complete digital transmission.

  • RF Power selections at 10, 25, and 50 mW
  • Ultra-lightweight, corrosion-resistant housing
  • OLED interface with lockout option
  • Servo Bias input circuitry
  • 2-way IR (infrared) port for fast setup
  • Alternate use as recorder on internal microSDHC memory card at 48 kHz, 24 bits
  • Timecode jam-sync capability with
  • High-density mode for ultra-tight channel spacing


The digital sm transmitters both have a water-resistant control panel with OLED, membrane switches, and multi-color LEDs that make input gain adjustments, frequency and compatibility mode selections quick and accurate. The battery compartment accepts industry-accepted AA batteries (lithium recommended). In fact, the two transmitters differ only in size and battery life because the DBSMD hosts room for two AA batteries.

Let’s Talk Inputs

The input section of these Digital SM transmitters both utilize a servo bias input circuitry on a TA5F connector. This input is extremely versatile and will allow for a wide variety of signals ranging from various mic level and line-level signals.

Here is the wiring guide for the DBSM and DBSMD taken directly from their manual.


When it comes to protecting your signal from distortion, Lectrosonics has you covered. They implement a digitally controlled analog limited which is in front of the microphone preamp to protect from distortion. It can handle a range of over 30dB, which means your loudest transients won’t even think absolutely clipping (with proper gain staging).

To the ear, these limits will sound like they are not there. They have a special dual envelope design that minimizes distortion while providing maximum effect.

Dweedle Control

Both the DBSM & the DBSMD offer a hands-free setup capability using either the Lectro Remote or an approved app with tones. These Audible Remotes can adjust pretty much everything on the transmitters without physically touching Adjust the gain, frequency, and even sleep the transmitters to conserve battery power in between setups. during setup while buried inside costuming, then awakened for normal operation when the production begins.


Remember. These are Digital SM transmitters. If you are looking for transmitters that will work with your Digital HYBRID Receivers, no, you need to think again. These transmitters do not even have the same digital hybrid circuitry that has kept Lectrosonics famous for decades now.

Since they are only digital, they will work flawlessly with the DCHR, the DSQD, the DCR822, and the M2R. Each of these receivers have a multitude of uses depending on the scenario of your production. Some work incredibly well in an ENG Bag, while others can be used on a cart or as IFB systems. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Talk Accessories

The DBSM and DBSMD use the same accessories as the previous SMWB and SMDWB transmitters, specifically belt clips, pouches, and battery eliminators. This not only helps veteran sound mixers reuse older accessories, it also helps to make newer mixers purchase less. Reduce and Reuse! Great work Lectrosonics!

Want to Learn More About Wireless?

Learn more about wireless, check out our Recording Better Interview Audio course, here at VideoMantis.com. It has some great sections on wireless basics that will help get you moving in the right direction when dealing with calibrating multiple systems or channels in one location.

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