Mastering Production Sound: Being Better Business Savvy

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Enhance your communication and business skills with Being Better Business Savvy, an online course designed for production sound mixers. Learn how to negotiate contracts, budget effectively, and communicate professionally to succeed as a contractor in the film industry. Sign up now to gain essential skills for building a successful career as a production sound mixer.

Being Better Business Savvy with Blas Kisic on


Mastering Production Sound with Being Better Business Savvy

Being Better Business Savvy on Video Mantis covers vital topics in Production Sound. Learn effective phone call techniques, profitable budgeting, and contract negotiation. Moreover, gain in-depth knowledge of deal memos and their contents. Master the art of negotiation to attract better clients.

Course Completion Benefits:

Upon finishing this course, you’ll communicate effectively, negotiate improved deals, and efficiently budget projects. These skills will help you succeed in the film and TV industry.

Learning Outcomes:

Master initial phone call techniques

  • Learn to budget for profitability
  • Confidently negotiate contracts
  • Understand deal memos and their contents
  • Attract quality clients through negotiation
  • Exclusive Bonus: Discord Channel Access
The Being Better Business Savvy Course at Video Mantis has its own Private Channel on our Video Mantis Discord! Purchase the course to be instantly activated into the channel with all the other students, or scan this QR Code now to access the Video Mantis Lobby and say hello!

Enroll in the course and gain access to the Being Better Business Savvy Discord Channel in the Video Mantis Server. This valuable resource connects you directly with Blas Kisic. Ask course-related questions or seek general Production Sound advice. It’s an excellent chance to learn from an expert and network with fellow Production Sound Mixers. Ask the course creators questions before purchasing if needed.

Expert Guidance from Blas Kisic

Blas Kisic’s enthusiasm and expertise help you master crucial skills to become a top Production Sound Mixer with a solid grasp of the business side. This essential course empowers production sound mixers to excel in the film and TV industry. Master critical business skills like negotiation, budgeting, and effective communication. Consequently, build strong client relationships and deliver high-quality work while remaining profitable.

Practical Insights and Knowledge

Blas Kisic’s vast industry experience provides practical insights, setting you apart from competitors and fostering career success.

Course Focus: The Business Side

This course emphasizes the business aspects of production sound, not technical elements like microphone usage or recording better interview audio. For audio recording courses, consider Recording Better Interview Audio.

Take the First Step Today

Seize this opportunity to enhance your communication and business skills. Enroll in Being Better Business Savvy now and start working towards your film and TV industry goals.

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    Patrushkha Mierzwa

    Blas Kisic gives a powerful and energetic presentation on Building Better Business Savvy. His topics are on point and his explanations and practical tips give you the information you need in succinct nuggets. He shares some personal experiences to help you understand how changing your effectiveness in communicating can enhance your profile in the professional world. The way you present yourself to a production shows your level of professionalism; using even just one of his tips could more than pay for this course.

    February 16, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Joseph Hartshorn

    This course really helped me to understand the monetary side of the industry. I am just starting to work my way into this industry. It really helped me to understand the basics of how this is a business as well as a creative industry. And the things that I will personally need to budget for. I do not plan on starting as a mixer, but it helps that I now know how a mixer budgets so that I can understand working along side them. I wish that film schools taught more of this alongside the creative aspects. I strongly recommend this course to mixers looking to improve their budget as well to as students, like myself, about to enter the industry and wanting to learn how the business works.

    February 15, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Tim Bishop

    This was very useful to me as both a sound professional and a performance/sound artist (arguably even more useful to my work in the arts sector where it is sometimes hard to get valued!). The information is focused around production sound professionals but is of course applicable to many other areas of professional life. I liked the step-by-step approach combined with examples and experience in why we should apply this knowledge. Through Blas’ informative and positive style I feel even more part of the global sound community and inspired to feel more confident in my professional communications so that everyone gets the terms they need in order to be sustainable, successful and achieve high-quality work where everyone can focus on the project itself. Strongly recommended to every freelancer!

    February 14, 2023
    Verified Review

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