Join Thomas Popp and David Cook as they discuss the journey from being film students to becoming professional sound mixers. Learn how to get started and navigate the challenges of transitioning into the film industry.

Students in Film and Moving Up: Thomas and David’s Stories

Thomas and David share their experiences transitioning from Full Sail University to the film industry. Thomas talks about moving from college to Los Angeles and the importance of researching housing and the local market before relocating.

The Role of Internships in the Transition

They discuss how internships can help students bridge the gap between college and working in the industry. Keep in mind that a college degree doesn’t guarantee a job, and the market is oversaturated. As a graduating film student, be prepared to work your way into the industry and consider moving to where opportunities are available.

Balancing Passion and Practicality

David Cook emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between pursuing your passion and planning realistically to support yourself. Ensure that your chosen career path aligns with your desired lifestyle outside of work.

Understanding Supply and Demand

Be aware that the market can be driven down when people are willing to work for less. Learn how to navigate the competitive landscape and secure fair pay, despite the abundance of new graduates entering the field.

Learning On-the-Job

Working in the industry is different from being in school. While in school, professors ensure everyone is on the same page, but on the job, you’ll need to learn by observing and staying attentive.

Starting at the Bottom and Working Your Way Up

David Cook advises new film graduates to start at the bottom and work their way up. Embrace the learning process and be prepared to gain experience and grow within the industry.

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