Women in Film and the Importance of Respect on Set

Join Thomas Popp in this engaging lesson derived from a recent YouTube video where he talks to Carrie Sheldon and Mary Jo Devenny in the Video Mantis Post Studio. The focus of the discussion is on women in film, their journey in the industry, and how we can foster a culture of respect and equality on set.

Lesson Overview: The lesson begins with a discussion on general set safety, then delves into Carrie Sheldon and Mary Jo Devenny’s perspectives on the impact of the #MeToo movement on film sets. The conversation highlights the challenges faced by women in the industry, such as being listened to less, and the unique experiences of women working in the sound department.

Mary Jo Devenny shares her thoughts on the intersection of gender and professional roles in the film industry:

“I realized: am I being persecuted because I am a sound person, because I am a woman, or is it me? … Sound people are the women of the on-set departments. You can be brushed aside, you may not get all the information, I’m just saying if guys want to empathize with us.”

The lesson brings to light some pressing issues regarding respect on set and suggests ways to improve the way we treat everyone as equals. A hospital analogy is used to emphasize the importance of respect, highlighting how both the janitor and the surgeon play crucial roles in saving lives. Similarly, every crew member on a film set, from the director to the production assistant, deserves equal respect.

As we continue to learn, join the discussion and keep your questions coming. We will continue to provide education on this vital topic.

Additional Resources: For more insights from Carrie Sheldon, be sure to check out our Utility Sound Technician Panel Discussion and Masterclass. This lesson is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the experiences of women in film and fostering a culture of respect and equality on set.


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