MANTIS DISCUSSION – Thomas Popp and Thomas Cassetta talk Post Production

Watch our Mantis discussion with Thomas Popp and Thomas Cassetta  as they discuss sound from production to post.


Thomas Cassetta comes from a long background in sound both as a production sound mixer and re-recording mixer. The first half of this Mantis discussion focuses on production sound and the business aspects of sound. In the second half Thomas Cassetta talks about post production sound workflows.

Thomas shares his personal experience as a Sound Mixer. He first started at the age of 12 when he found himself behind a mixing board and has continued his love of sound. Thomas views his work as a mixer as a meritocratic. For him it is about doing the job well rather than a race to the lowest cost mentality.

They discuss the importance of respecting the mixer who brought you onto the job and some of Thomas Cassetta’s personal experience on how to not steal other mixer’s clients.  This leads to a discussion about client and sound mixer relationships. Thomas Popp and Thomas Cassetta provide an example of a mixer having the initial client call to discuss what the job entails. They also discuss the important parts of post production that you should know to get the metadata right.

Advice for Students

“I really urge people when they come into the industry to not just brand themselves as a mixer… resist the tempatation and ego t brand yourself as a mixer because it requires a lot of understanding and experience. A lot of people come in working as the mixer while also booming and doing the job of a utility… For me when you come up as a utility your understanding and experience broadens.” As a utility you can learn everyone’s gear to become a more versatile mixer -Thomas Cassetta

“Sometimes it is about just saying no. I wont do a narrative job without a boom operator” -Thomas Cassetta


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