Los Angeles is not just the city of stars; it’s also the city of sound. The intricate dance of sound mixing, capturing, and editing is an art form mastered by the professionals known as LASoundMixers. In a riveting discussion with Thomas Popp and Chris Howland, we get an insider’s view of this dynamic world.

The Heat of the Matter

One might think that the biggest challenge for LASoundMixers would be the cacophony of a bustling city. However, Thomas and Chris highlight the unexpected adversary: the scorching LA summer. Working in such conditions, especially during outdoor shoots, requires not just technical skill but also immense resilience.

Community Over Competition

The “LA sound mixer summer mix” event stands as a testament to the unity and camaraderie within the sound mixing community. With raffles, sponsorships, and a shared passion for sound, this event epitomizes the spirit of LASoundMixers.

The Art of Negotiation

Beyond the technicalities of sound lies the realm of negotiations. Our experts delve into the complexities of negotiating with clients, emphasizing the importance of understanding project scopes and equipment rental costs. In an industry where every sound byte counts, so does every dollar.

Union Talks: The Future of LASoundMixers

The discussion takes a turn toward the future, exploring the potential of nationalizing the sound union. With the promise of standardized rates and practices, this could be a game-changer for LASoundMixers.

In Conclusion

The world of LASoundMixers is as dynamic as the sounds they capture. From the challenges of the LA summer to the intricacies of industry negotiations, it’s a world filled with passion, challenges, and continuous learning. Join us as we celebrate the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry, the LASoundMixers, and don’t forget to check out Chris’ course on Video Mantis. It is all about Sound Utility Technician, and will get anyone who wants to step up in the world going in the right direction.

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