On this episode Thomas Popp talks with Even Freeman about Rolling Sound at Comi-con. Comi-con. Comi-con is a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention for everyone, nerds and non nerds alike!

Trade Shows are always a lot of fun. When you work on a huge event, there are always opportunities to meet up with other Sound Mixers and network. It is an incredible opportunity to increase your contact list with other sound mixers that are just as passionate about sound.


There are different types of sound jobs at an event like Comi-con simply because there are so many booths and companies showing off their niche to the world. One year, you may be running a booth and their live events every hour on the hour.

Other years you will work like Evan Freeman, who walks the floor with his crew interviewing guests and other celebrities as they travel the show.

Before you go to a trade show like Comi-con, you must double check yourself and your gear list. These types of jobs require you to be on your feet the whole day. You will need comfortable shoes, or at least insoles that can cushion your feet.

You will most likely be walking on concrete or a huge rollout carpet that is basically like walking on concrete anyways.


Comi-con Sound Mixers Group is a great community to meet up and communicate with people on the floor. When you have 40-50 sound mixers in the same room, there will most likely be wireless frequency issues. You will have to get to the job early to freq your wireless and leave them on so you stake your claim!


You will want to have some type of sustenance when working. These shoots are long days with long hours. Bring food so you don’t have to purchase overpriced food.


For anyone that wants to look up that TV B GONE, here is a link.


This was a LIVE DISCUSSION that was recorded on July 31st, 2018 @ 2:00PM Pacific Time on Facebook.

We archive them here for everyone for free. Be sure to check out the others, like this one


If you are ever rolling sound at Comi-con, be sure to contact Evan and say hello!

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