Sound Devices Mixpre-10T II Portable Multitrack Recorder

Overview of the Sound Devices MixPre-10T II

The Sound Devices MixPre-10T II is a game-changer in the world of audio recording, offering a powerful 8-preamp, 12-track, 32-bit float audio recorder that sets new standards for field and studio work. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the unique features and improvements that set the MixPre-10T II apart from its predecessors, discuss the benefits of 32-bit float recording, and help you unleash the full potential of this incredible device.

The MixPre-10T II boasts several new features and improvements compared to other MixPre models, including:

32-bit float recording: This feature offers a remarkable dynamic range, capturing audio that is limited only by the capabilities of the microphone. The MixPre II recorders, featuring Sound Devices’ patented topology of multiple analog-to-digital converters, can resolve more than 142 dB of dynamic range, allowing for the recording of very-low distortion, ultra-high dynamic range audio.

Timecode generators: All MixPre II Series now include a full-featured internal timecode generator that is accurate to better than 0.2 ppm (0.5 frames per 24 hours). Timecode In/Out is available via BNC or Aux In/Stereo Out, and timecode and record triggering can be done through HDMI. When the unit is off, the MixPre II Series maintains accurate timecode for up to four hours, even without batteries or external power.

192 kHz recording: The MixPre-10T II supports sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, allowing for even higher-quality audio recording.

Adjustable limiters: In 16- or 24-bit operation, the MixPre II offers analog/digital limiters similar to the original MixPre recorders. These limiters have been improved to give control over ratio, release, and threshold. In 32-bit float mode, the multi-stage A-to-D converters are active to capture the full dynamic range of the incoming signal; no limiters are needed.

Auto-copy to USB drives: This feature allows for an automatic backup of your recorded files to a USB thumb drive, ensuring that your data is always safe and secure.

Extended Pre-roll: This function enables you to capture audio from several seconds before the actual recording begins, ensuring that you never miss an important sound or dialogue.

Output delay: The MixPre-10T II offers output delay to compensate for any latency introduced by downstream devices, allowing for perfect synchronization with other equipment.

Access to the optional NoiseAssist plugin: This advanced signal processing algorithm reduces background noises such as traffic, generators, and HVAC noise, making your recordings cleaner and clearer.

TA3 balanced outputs: The MixPre-10T II features TA3 balanced outputs with an increased output level of +18 dBu, providing better compatibility with professional audio equipment.

A higher-contrast, richer-color OLED display: The global parts shortage provided an opportunity for Sound Devices to switch from an LCD display to a higher-contrast, richer-color OLED display for the MixPre II Series.

What’s New in the MixPre-10T II?

In addition to the key features mentioned above, the MixPre-10T II introduces several new features and improvements, such as:

  • Bit depth up to 32-bit float for increased dynamic range
  • The only 32-bit float USB audio interface on the market, allowing for 32-bit float USB audio streaming
  • Same intuitive interface with more powerful hardware, enhancing usability and performance
  • Adjustable limiters for better control over audio levels
  • Increased output level to +18 dBu on TA3 balanced outputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of professional audio equipment
  • Optional NoiseAssist Plugin for improved noise reduction in various recording environments

Benefits of 32-bit float recording:

The 32-bit float recording offered by the MixPre-10T II provides several advantages over traditional 16- or 24-bit audio formats:

Greater dynamic range: With 32-bit float recording, the dynamic range is only limited by the microphone’s capabilities, allowing for the capture of extremely loud and quiet sounds without distortion or noise.

Improved headroom: The additional headroom in 32-bit float recording ensures that even if your audio levels are too hot, you can still adjust the gain after recording without introducing distortion or artifacts.

More flexibility in post-production: 32-bit float files offer more room for adjustments in post-production, allowing for better control over audio levels, noise reduction, and other audio processing tasks. Learn more about the benefits of 32-bit float recording

Compatibility and Support:

The MixPre-10T II is compatible with a wide range of applications that support 32-bit float files. Some of the supported applications include popular DAWs and audio editing software. To ensure compatibility with your software, check the list of compatible applications here.

Additionally, the MixPre-10T II supports a variety of control surfaces and the Wingman functionality, allowing for seamless integration into your existing audio setup. Some of the supported control surfaces include:

Sound Devices will continue to support the original MixPre series, providing updates that the hardware will support. However, due to the hardware differences, original MixPre devices cannot be updated to the MixPre II.


The Sound Devices MixPre-10T II is a groundbreaking audio recorder, offers unparalleled features and functionality in a compact, lightweight, and durable package. Its 32-bit float recording capabilities, adjustable limiters, and other advanced features make it an indispensable tool for professional audio engineers, field recordists, and anyone looking to capture high-quality audio in any environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your audio recording game. Check out the MixPre-10T II today and experience the difference!

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