If you have ever been watching sports broadcasts from leagues like the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, then you have most recently been able to notice a higher fidelity of sound when players are on the field. This is thanks to the ingenuity of Q5X and their lineup of miniature transmitters that are so thin and small that they can be sewn inside the clothing of the players.

Check out the PlayerMic and PlayerMic S, which are now available in both analog and digital versions starting Summer 2020
The PlayerMic and PlayerMic S are available in Analog and Digital starting Summertime 2020. Just in time for sports to come back!

Now, with the thanks of Shure Wireless and their Axient Digital Processors, Q5X is joining forces to create a new branch of professional transmitters that can be remotely controlled and encrypted. These new features are welcome additions to an already incredible transmitter.

Q5X Transmitters

A few of the transmitters in the Q5X lineup are getting a digital upgrade thanks to Shure Axient Wireless Technology!The Q5X lineup is nothing new. They have been around for many years and are utilized on many different productions and sports broadcasts. However, due to the new spectrum allocations that have hindered us, Q5X and Shure are now working together, supplying Axient Processing Chips that make the newest lineup 100% digital. This not only improves reception and range, it also allows for encryption and remote control. This means the PlayerMic, AquaMic, and CoachMic can be purchased in analog or digital versions. These transmitters will work with Q5X receivers or any of the Shure Axient Receiver Lineup.

“With the combination of Q5X and Shure, this is really the best of both worlds,” said Jens Rothenburger, Director of Pro Audio Marketing at Shure. “The new Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters provide sound engineers and the sports industry with a complete solution in a superior, already-established form factor.”

Shure Axient Technology

Shure has been a powerhouse in wireless technology for a long time. With outstanding signal quality in even the most complex venues and congested RF environments, Axient Digital provides maximum stability, range, and clarity for professional productions that demand flawless execution.

“Q5X prides itself on developing transmitters to solve difficult wireless audio problems for our customers,” says Paul Johnson, CEO of Q5X. “Now, we have a proven digital technology that can be placed in literally any form factor.”

Simply put, Shure loved the size and form factor. They already have transmitters, but not at this size and not units that are already accepted in the field.

Why would they re-invent something that is already established and working in the field? Q5X has established form factors ideal for players, coaches, and officials at all sporting levels in different sports.

Remote Control Functionality

All the Q5X transmitters can be remotely controlled. The first way is with a MicCommander, which enables users to control all aspects of the bodypack transmitters, including set up and monitoring: on/off, frequency, mic offset, RF power, groups, and battery level.

The handheld remote control and transmitters take advantage of the RCAS (Remote
Control Audio System) communication scheme for simple and complex adjustments, making the MicCommander a required purchase for Q5X transmitter operation. This is because there aren’t a lot of buttons on the transmitters. They are remotely accessible and changed via the MicCommander.

Where are they being used

Where are they not? When it comes to sports broadcasts, these transmitters take the cake home and eat it too.

Just check out this NBA All-Star 2020 Basketball Event that happened before the NBA canceled their season. Full disclosure, sections of this event captured audio from microphones directly on the coaches.

There are more examples of the coaches if you watch the full event on ESPN!

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