When it rains, it pours. Productions that are more than one day are required to give you a “turnaround”, which is basically your time off to drive home and be human before going back to work again.

Generally in Sound, we will get anywhere between a 9-12 hour turnaround due to scheduling of scenes.

Play Chess for Better Turnarounds

But what happens when you are working for multiple clients and the first job lines up so late that you have way less than a 9 hour turnaround? First thing, prep BEFOREHAND.

Do not assume you will have time to get home from one and have time for anything significant before the next. Prep so you can go home and get minimal sleep. If you have two separate jobs, prep for both and know that they will flow into each other. Be prepared for any workflow bag changes that may be necessary.

Always play chess in this industry. Proactiveness, NOT reactiveness.

Where Are My KEYS?!?!


Never Forget Your Stuff With Your Keys On Top!
If you are forgetful, put your keys on top of the items that you NEED for your job. Then you can’t forget them!

Place your keys by any very important items (batteries, microphones, wireless, lavaliers).

These “red hot” items are whatever you NEED to get through the day.

If you would have to turn around and go BACK to get “it”, then it is a red hot item that your keys will help you remember to take!

Let your Devices Help

Use your mobile devices to help with reminders.

“Hey Siri, Set a Reminder at 4:45AM Don’t Forget My Battery Charger”

“Hey Siri Remind Me When I Leave My House Do you have your Boom Pole?”

“Hey Siri Remind Me at 5AM Don’t forget your Media!”


All in all, turnarounds are about health and safety. We don’t want to run ourselves ragged for our business. Believe me, you may think it’s fun and games in the beginning. You may think, “I’ll jump off the lift gate and run to set”. Or, “I can do an all nighter followed by another day shoot”. Sure you can. Remember though that you are human; the more repeated roll-over gigs with short turnarounds will wear you out over time.

Don’t put yourself and others at risk on the road on the way home from work. For more information about this, check out Haskell Wexler’s Documentary 12 on 12 off.

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