I’ve been using my Sound Devices MixPre-10T a lot lately. If you are forgetful like me, here is a tip that will help make sure you will never leave home without your media. But before we begin, there are two types of media to be concerned about… and different recorders will use different media for separate purposes (primary and backup). In this specific quick tip, we are talking about client backup media.


Generally at the end of the day, it is routine to turn in the audio you recorded that day. The Sound Devices MixPre-10T uses two types of media: Sound Devices SD Cards and USB Sticks. The Sound Devices media is the media used for primary recording. Once the recording has stopped, then it copies to the backup media (thumb drive) using the Auto-Copy feature.


Depending on the recorder you are using, it may be easy enough to get media that can be attached to your keys.

Pick up a couple of 32GB or 64GB Thumb Drives that can clip onto your keychain. Then you are never without a stick, because you always have to drive yourself to work!

Here is a list of Approved Media for the MixPre II and Mix Pre Series Recorders. You should ONLY be purchasing media that is from this list. To make it even easier, we have added Amazon Affiliate Links Below for the cards most recent as of November 26th, 2019. Please, let us know if you know of an an update to this list!

Tested cards:

SD Card32 GBSound DevicesSD/SDHC, UHS-I, 90MB/s read/write (620x)
SD Card32 GBSanDiskExtreme Pro, SD/SDHC, UHS-I, 95MB/s read/write
SD Card32 GBAmplimAmplim SDXC UHSII V90 32GB
SD Card64 GBIntegral Ultima ProIntegral Ultima Pro SDXC I V30 64GB
SD Card64 GBAmplimAmplim SDXC UHSII V90 64GB
SD Card128 GBFreetailFreetail Evoke Pro 128GB V60, UHS II
SD Card128 GBWiseWise SDXC II 285MB/s 128GB

USB Thumb drives

All MixPre II models and the MixPre-10T support automatic copying of active projects from its SD card to a USB thumb drive inserted into its USB-A port. For reliable operation, Sound Devices highly recommends only using approved USB thumb drives, listed below:

USB Thumbdrive64 GBSamsungUSB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-64BB/AM)
SanDiskCruzer Fit USB 2.0 Low-profile Flash Drive (SDCZ33-064G-B35)
32 GBSamsungUSB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-32BB/AM)
SanDiskCruzer Fit USB 2.0 Low-profile Flash Drive (SDCZ33-032G-B35)

NOTE: Because USB thumb drives vary massively in performance, others not listed here may work, but their reliability cannot be guaranteed.



If you are not using media that can easily attach to a keychain, you can still keep backups with you. You will need to understand that media that is left in a car repeatedly will wear overtime. The continual hot and cold cycle does wonders to electronics in a bad way.

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