One this is for certain: Media is expensive and adds up. These cards used to be a lot more temperamental than they are now, however, I would never recommend leaving it in a vehicle overnight. Here are a few tips on keeping media safe in your car (until you can afford a Cybertruck)

Don’t Leave It There…

First one is sort of a no brainer. Don’t leave media in your car ever. Its like leaving a really expensive gold brick in your card. Think about it. You will have multiple cards ranging from $50 to $500 or more if you are recording video footage with super high resolutions. The golden rule of vehicles are you don’t leave equipment in your vehicles. This applies to media as well.

Let’s get real though. I am guilty of leaving media everything. In my car, in my pockets, everywhere. It’s not professional and it will end up getting you in trouble in the future. The MOST important thing to backup on set and at home is your Media! Don’t get lazy and leave it all over the place! Then you can leave your keys with the case ensuring you never forget it for a job.

Never Forget Your Stuff With Your Keys On Top!
If you are forgetful, put your keys on top of the items that you usually forget. Then you can’t forget them!

Keeping Cards Safe

An easy way to keep your media safe is to purchase a small cooler. The kind you would use to store your lunch for work or school. These coolers do a great job at keeping the heat out, which is why its perfect for all your expendables, like batteries and media.  There are even special kinds that have different departments that allow you to separate different products from each other. No, do not keep other food items or drinks in with your media or batteries. That is asking for trouble. This is a work cooler and will remain a work cooler forever.

The great thing is a cooler case comes in and out with these rest of all the gear for every job. This ensures that you never forget your expendables or your media.

Alternative Measures

Keeping items in your car this way is a much safer alternative and it will help your media stay fresh and working longer. However, if you are still forgetful like me Here is another way to keep your media safe, secure, and also make sure you never forget it either.

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