If you have every had talent complain about the heat of a transmitter, then Stingray Heatblock Pouches are for you. These pouches not only protect your gear, they will also keep your talent safe and happy.

Full Disclosure: K-Tek is one of our sponsors who have given us a head start when we needed it most, allowing us to be their commercial production facility. They gave us a few of these Stingray Heatblock Pouches in order to film their commercial and to give an honest review. I’ve agreed to give an honest review and our relationship has no effect on this review.

Soft and comfortable to wear against skin yet offers superb insulating characteristics to eliminate the discomfort associated with wearing hot wireless transmitters. Heat Block Pouches are Handmade in the USA.


Stingray Heatblock Pouches

In the past ten years, wireless manufacturers across the world have been working relentlessly to get their body pack transmitters as small as possible. There is one problem with small. Heat. When a circuit board does not have space inside for heat to dissipate, it will make the chassis hot which can be troublesome for talent.  It is not safe to use some transmitters directly on skin for this reason. Most people do not understand how hot transmitters can get.

When filming the commercial for this product I was sent samples of the material. K-Tek had an oven mitt made out of this heat resistant material that was easily holding up to heat way hotter than any transmitter. I was able to take a hot pan that came right off the stove and lay it on my hand (inside the oven mitt) without feeling any heat. Do not try this as home with your pouches as they are not as big as the piece I had which covered my whole hand and wrist.

How to Use

It’s simple to use the Stingray Heatblock Pouches. All you need to do is setup your transmitter and slide it inside the pocket. There is a strap that folds over the transmitter to lock it in place. From there the unit can be tucked in a pocket, clipped inside pants or on a bra, or anything else you can think of. It is simply better to use something to protect your talent rather than nothing at all.





Heatblock Pieces

If the pouches are too bulky, try the Stingray Heatblock Pieces! These are used when placing transmitters on talent that will directly be touching their skin. In there instances, it is preferred to use a Heatblock piece with a piece of coban. Wrap it around the Heatblock piece to secure it to the body without having the heat dissipate into the body.

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