Rycote PCS-Boom Connector – A Quick Release to Rule them All

Rycote PCS Boom System

The Rycote PCS System, also known as the Professional Connection System, is a pioneering quick attach and release connection system. Crafted with the needs of sound professionals in mind, it’s set to transform the way you manage your equipment.

Rycote PCS Key Features

  • Quick Attach and Release: The PCS System showcases an intuitive mechanism that facilitates the rapid swapping of mics, be it in shock mounts, windshields, antennas, monitors, and beyond.
  • Secure and Noise-Free: Upon connection, the system guarantees a robust and silent operation, an essential feature for sound professionals.
  • One-Handed Operation: The PCS System is designed for user convenience, offering easy one-handed click and attachment, complemented by a pull collar release mechanism.
  • Positive Locking: The system emits a reassuring click when pressed in and fitted, assuring users of its secure connection.

PCS-Lite 3/8″

Your most economical and versatile quick release system. Convert stands and arms into a secure and easy quick release for any accessory with a 3/8” thread. The base is a 5/8” thread socket with a 3/8” insert. Learn More

PCS Organizer

Mount this to any flat surface and affix the included 3/8″ male tip to your mic’s shock-mount, windshield, or other accessory. It’s perfect for keeping your workflow organized. Learn More

PCS Utility

A universal quick release system built to endure the harshest conditions. The PCS-Utility is equipped with a knurled twist-lock mechanism to prevent accidental tip release. It can be affixed to any 3/8″ threaded arm, stand, and Rycote Half Coupler. Learn More

(Note: Due to access restrictions, detailed information on other products could not be retrieved. Please refer to the provided links for more details.)


The Rycote PCS System is a game-changer for sound professionals. With its rapid attach and release mechanism, it not only conserves time but also ensures a secure and noise-free connection. Whether you’re operating in a studio or on the field, the PCS System promises to enhance your workflow and deliver the reliability you seek.

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