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COGA SOUND Wireless Sleeves

COGA Sound Wireless Sleeves: Amplify Your Audio Experience

In the ever-evolving realm of audio technology, striving for reliable and efficient gear is a constant endeavor. Today, we’re delighted to introduce an exceptional tool in this pursuit – the COGA Sound Wireless Sleeves. These innovative solutions are designed for the secure mounting of wireless receivers and transmitters virtually anywhere.

Wireless Sleeves are versatile, high-quality mounting solutions, designed to secure and protect your wireless system components. These sleeves are adaptable to any sound bag, cart, remote speakers, or any other audio setup. With various options available, the Wireless Sleeves can accommodate any wireless system piece you wish to mount onto your bag.

Large Sleeves: Secure Your Larger Wireless Units

Designed for larger wireless units, the Large Sleeves offer a secure hold and an open bottom for easy access to all connectors. For Zaxcom receivers, a version with the QIFB option is available, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific gear.

SuperSlot™ Sleeves: Ideal for Slot Receivers

The SuperSlot™ Sleeves are tailor-made for slot receivers adhering to the Super Slot standard. Among their top features is a DB25 connector that passes audio to single male TA5 or dual male TA3 output connectors, capable of outputting 2 channels of analog audio or up to 4 channels of AES digital audio (on compatible receivers). Power is provided via a reliable 2.5mm x 5.5mm locking DC connector.

CL Sleeves: Designed for Zaxcom Camera Link Transmitters

The CL Sleeves are crafted for Zaxcom Camera Link transmitters. They offer a secure hold and an open bottom for easy access to all connectors, facilitating quick adjustments.

The CL Sleeves have been meticulously designed to securely hold Zaxcom™ TRXCL3/4/5, TRX900CL, and IFB200/300. This broad compatibility underscores the versatility and adaptability, making them a worthy addition to any audio setup.

Enhance Your Audio Setup with COGA Sound Wireless Sleeves

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for a mounting solution that offers versatility, convenience, and wide-ranging compatibility, then COGA Sound Wireless Sleeves are your answer. These sleeves are designed to elevate your audio experience by providing a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use.

Remember, exceptional sound starts with remarkable gear, and COGA Sound Wireless Sleeves are just the gear you need to amplify your audio setup!

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