Sound Devices and Frame.IO Breakdown of Camera to Cloud

When it comes to futurology, Sound Devices is always innovating and ensuring their production sound recorders are future-proof. The 8-Series Recorders are of no exception to this, first by revolutionizing our workflow on set, but now with how we transfer our dailies using’s Camera to Cloud Service. With Version 8.0, the 888, as well as Scorpio Recorders, have integration allowing them to communicate with the SAAS allowing for instant transfer of secured dailies anywhere in the world. 

What is Frame.IO?

Frame.IO is a SAAS (Software as a Service) that allows post-production editors to upload their footage to share with others in their creative community or production. Instead of zipping files and sending them with cumbersome sharing services like Dropbox or even HighTail, Frame.IO allows for extremely fast uploads, integration with Adobe Premiere as well as Final Cut Pro X, and gives your creative counterparts an opportunity to help give creative feedback no matter where they are. 

Camera to Cloud

Well, Frame.IO didn’t stop at Post Production Deliverables. They had a dream of integrating the set to not only receive files from the set as they are being recorded, but also to sync them together automatically creating instant dailies that can be sent to everyone on set. With the help of Teredek and Sound Devices, Camera to Cloud was born.

I cannot stress how amazing of advancement this is for production. It keeps people safer amidst the past pandemic and it also simplifies workflows by eliminating steps and even lowering costs on media (since it can simply be transferred on set to the desired post-production facility). There are many sound mixers contacting me and letting me know that their productions are requesting this feature. Its popularity and use will only grow over time, giving Production Sound Mixers that take a chance on this technology to have a heads up on their competition.

How does it Work?

Setting up Camera to Cloud on your Sound Devices 888 or Scorpio couldn’t be easier. First, it starts by creating a new project inside of Frame.IO. This can be done with either the web interface or the mobile iOS app that is available in the app store for both iPad and iPhone. When creating this new project, however, ensure that you enable the Cloud Device Integration option which enables the C2c features on the recorder. Depending on the production, you will most likely be giving this to someone in production so post can gain access once files start populating on the recorder. 

In order to use C2C, you will need to connect your Sound Devices 8-Series recorder to either a Router or a Mobile Hotspot that has an internet connection. These devices will automatically assign an IP address to the recorder, allowing it to be seen by Frame.IO’s services. As soon as you are connected, let’s dive into the menus. 

Ensure you have firmware 8.0 or above for your recorder. If you do, you will notice a new menu at the bottom for Camera to Cloud integration.

Enter that menu.

Inside is an option to select the Upload Drive as well as Upload Mode. The two different options allow you to essentially mirror your files as you record or to select a different folder entirely.

When your settings are finalized, select connect to have your recorder create a unique 6 Digit Pin. 

This screengrab was taken from Paul Isaacs demonstration on integrating Frame.IO with a Sound Devices 8-Series Recorder.

This is the code we discussed earlier that needs to be given to your post team. Once they are connected, the post team can easily share access to the project, which will begin receiving files as they are recorded on set. The bonus is that if you have the adjoined Teradek system onset, Frame.IO is intelligent to sense time code matches between video and audio files, allowing it to auto-sync your dailies and allow for instant editing. 

Overall Impression

Sound Devices believes in integrating with companies that make user experiences simplified. I feel they took manufacturers by surprise with this announcement, and it will only help them in the future be an even more trusted brand as future years go on. It is not to say that other manufacturers like Nagra, Aaton, and Zaxcom won’t implement a similar feature set of their own, but for now, only time will tell…

What do YOU think of the new Camera to Cloud integration from Frame.IO and Sound Devices? Let us know in the comments below!

Want an Alternative?

The 8-Series Recorders are compatible with more than just Frame.IO’s C2C capabilities. If you are looking for a service that allows you to backup your audio to a standalone service (like Dropbox), check out our article on the Viviana Cloud. This File Transfer Box achieves similar results, but are used in very different scenarios

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