You may have noticed that your favorite wireless manufacturer not having a transmitter that records and transmits in America. This may seem frustrating that in our digital age this is not in every system. Why haven’t these manufacturers stepped up and included this technology? Are recording transmitters THAT hard to make?

What is the Point of having Recording Wireless Anyways?

Recording Transmitters are great for times where wireless reception is an issue or may not be allowed. I have filmed in areas where transmission (due to range and other issues) was an impossibility. Having the transmitters that are time-stamped and recording all the time has literally saved my but more than I care to share!

Patents are here for a Reason

No, it is not because these manufacturers can’t figure it out. It is that they are legally unable to release a product that does both until a patent runs out. Zaxcom has had a patent on this technology for as long as I can remember. They were officially issued their patent sometime in 2010 based on their website.

That’s Not Fair!

Actually, it is. Zaxcom came up with the idea and spent massives amounts of money to protect their intellectual property. It is how they protect themselves and are able to earn back on their initial research and development as well as the actual patent costs. If you were in their boat, you would be thankful that this type of system exists. There are also international patents that can be purchased as well, but they are outrageously expensive. Zaxcom does not have an international patent on this technology.

What Can I Do?

Let your favorite manufacturer know that you care and support them. You will pretty much have to ride this out with them. However, the one thing to know is that patents only last for so long. If you wanted to dive into the actual patent, by all means, find it online and help yourself into the judicial drama.

What I recommend is to be the silent observer. When it is all said and done, most of these manufacturers will be able a Firmware Update that will convert the system into doing both. Companies like Lectrosonics and Deity have systems that can be upgraded easily.

Simply put, more transmitters will be able to record in America soon. If you really need something that does both, you may need to look overseas, or simply try out the system that made it happen!

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