There have been talks of a new product called ShoulderX geared towards helping Boom Operators in the field with long takes. I was able to meet up with Mark Criscuolo of SuitX who invited me to try on the revolutionary shoulderX.

Check out how it incorporates itself as a new tool for boom operators in the production sound industry. This is because the demand of productions with longer takes is coming more prevalent. In turn we need a better way to protect our bodies.

A New Type of Tool

ShoulderX is a versatile tool that can help boom operators. Boom operator’s arms and shoulders are constantly used and the risk of fatigue in those areas is great.  ShoulderX is a revolutionary industrial arm exoskeleton that takes the load off the shoulders.

ShoulderX augments the wearer by reducing gravity-induced forces at the shoulder complex. This results in durations and with less effort.

The device literally takes the weight from the boom operator’s arms and puts it on the exoskeleton.

Perfectly Balanced

ShoulderX is adjustable, allowing you to have full range of motion, and is adjustable for different levels of support because no two people are alike!

The great thing about the ShoulderX is it keeps the natural movement and intuitive awareness of the wearer’s position within tight spaces. It is like have a machine combined with your own abilities!

The ShoulderX was not initially for Boom Operators, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for us as professionals. When wearing the ShoulderX full time, a boom operator will have less strain on the shoulders, arms, and upper back.  because it takes that load off your arms. This is because of the exoskeleton framework that disperses it down the body rather than stuck in your arms.

I am pleasantly surprised with the results! Check out the video to find out more.

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