On this episode of Vault Talk, I sit down with a long time friend, Poul Mejer from Bubblebee Industries. He came over to show off new mounts for lavaliers that are coming out soon. He has with him the new Sidekick In-Ear Monitor. The Sidekick is incredible for IFB intensive listening jobs where you need to send higher quality audio to your talent or others on set. It literally becomes invisible once you put it on. I cannot stress how important this item is to a sound mixer in the field. The Sidekick can integrate with any receiver on the market.

On shows where I need to put an earpiece in my talent’s ear without having it be seen by camera, this is a match made in heaven. The scene we were working on was a security guard listening to music on his rounds at a bank. In the scene, the director wanted the talent to use Apple AirPods, which couldn’t connect to my Laptop for Pro Tools Playback successfully due to range and quality. This is where a Comteks and a Sidekick come in handy. I was able to put the dark Comtek PR-216 into a black case on the security guards’ belt, and then brought the cable up through the talents outfit. After putting the sidekick in the ear, the AirPods were still able to be used on top of the sidekick!


The Bubblebee Sidekick In-Ear Monitor is a virtually invisible ear-piece set designed to be the ultimate earpiece for both comfort and intelligibility.

It features the world’s first micro speakers solution for wireless receivers where the entire driver fits comfortably inside the ear. This means practically invisible, crystal-clear cues and comms, even in noisy environments.

So small that it is not visible when worn in the ear. The cable loop takes the cable behind the ear, so it is also hidden from sight.

Using the Sidekick with the “Satellite” eartip allows you to hear the ambience of your surroundings like normal while having crystal-clear cues and comms.

Wear your Sidekick Stereo set for 20 hours straight with no fatigue. Each earpiece weights just 360 milligrams excluding the cable.

TRS minijack connector means compatibility with any wireless receiver, accessory or phone.

Manufactured in Denmark with quality and comfort in mind.

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