As you might have seen on our live cast from 10/6/18, we got to field test the new Stingray Backpack from K-Tek. For hours, Thomas wore his loaded Stingray Medium mixer bag docked within the Backpack and was recording the interview. A very convenient setup, this was also incredibly comfortable to wear. Today, we got to sit down with Tom Hopper, Production Sound Mixer of the Netflix Show “The Kindness Diaries” Season 2 (Coming Out Soon).

Tom was here to help us announce the new KSBP1 Backpack from K-Tek. And as a top-secret beta tester, Tom got to take the backpack with him on a demanding, travel-heavy production that took him through parts of Latin America. Check out what his experience was when flying with the Stingray Backpack and shooting in some dangerous locations – some of which without permits.

Watch as we break things down live and leave the studio for a short hike!

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