What is the Viviana Cloud?

When it comes to our industry, it is all about being as efficient as you can be. One of the most archaic processes we have in today’s productions is the transfer of media. It can get dropped, broken, lost, or even stolen. Cue the Viviana Cloud to save the day! This Audio Upload Box allows you to connect your Sound Devices Recorders or Zoom F4/F8 Recorders to the Viviana Cloud. This makes transferring files to post-production using Dropbox a cinch.

Viviana Cloud

For those that know Danielle Turi, he is like a crazy scientist in the Production Sound world. This Transfer Box is essentially a modem that allows for easy file transfer of your footage. There isn’t much to the device: it fits in the palm of your hand and has two USB ports on it. One port is for powering the device (which can take power directly from an 8-Series Recorder). The other port is for the transferring of footage. Besides the two ports, there is a big power button the Viviana Cloud on and off.

Compatibility with Sound Devices and Zoom

The Viviana Cloud is currently compatible with the Zoom F4, F8n, and Sound Devices Recorders. The 8-Series (like the 888 and 833) and MixPre Recorders (either the MixPre-3, MixPre-6, or MixPre-10T) all allow for a File Transfer Mode. When connected to the Viviana Cloud and placed into transfer mode, the iOS App will recognize the files and will be able to pass them through to your Dropbox account. Here is a link to the App in the App Store.



The internal battery allows for the uploading of files without being connecting to a power source through the USB C Port. The battery will last up to 4 hours of continuous uploading under standard conditions. Checking the battery is as easy as looking at the battery status on the app on your smartphone. I recommend charging the battery as soon as the remaining charge is low and the box status LED (5) starts blinking red.


iOS App

Android users are not going to be happy in the beginning. This is because it’s iOS only to start… The Android software is still being written. Until then, any iOS user will be happy to know that the Viviana Cloud app is a seamless experience that makes sharing your files fun and easy! This is because of the simplified layout and ease of use. All your features are laid out in a simple to understand fashion… You can Upload, Listening to Tracks, Share Files, and Create Sound Reports from Files. This is a way to make things very easy on set for your Post Production Team. It makes getting files to them faster than ever before.

Getting Started

  1. Switch on your Viviana Cloud Box
  2. Wait for the Viviana Cloud to start blinking green and blue.
  3. Pair the Viviana Cloud using Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  4. Open the Viviana Cloud App
  5. Tap on the “Box” tab, Select the Viviana Cloud Box that lists.
  6. Add your WIFI Credentials
  7. Login to your Dropbox account. More services are going to be available soon.

*For security reasons, Viviana Cloud does not support public Wi-Fi networks where you insert your credentials through a webpage.

My Thoughts…

Overall, this is an amazing advancement in sound. The fact that we are getting away from media that has to be constantly in circulation is exhausting and causes so many more problems. Now, with a simple box, we can connect in ways we have never done before. Great work Daniele Turi and Team Viviana!


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