Wind Protection for Shotgun Microphones with Bubblebee Industries

Bubblebee Industries is known in the industry as one of the most professional microphone wind protection you can apply to your mics. They are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, they are simply built with the heart of the Production Sound Mixer in mind. This means a long-lasting product that will hold up for years that will make your productions sounding clean and free of wind. In this blog, we will go over all of their wind protection products. If you are looking for their lineup of microphone mounts and lavalier accessories, that article is being written and will be updated soon with a link here.

Why is Wind Bad?

Simply put, the wind is the biggest enemy of sound. It literally crushes us as kryptonite would Superman. It puts too much acoustic pressure on the diaphragm of the microphone (the part that picks up the sound) and “blows it out”. Have you ever had someone blow in your ear? Not only is it annoying, but there is also pressure involved that makes the experience flat-out uncomfortable. With a microphone, it results in pops and cut-outs as the diaphragm resets to its natural position. We must displace the pressure of wind before it gets to the capsule, and most importantly, the diaphragm.

Cue the WindKiller!

Bubble Bee Industries Windkiller

Let’s start off with wind protection for your shotgun microphones. On a set, this is always our first source of audio. Regardless of the shotgun microphone, Bubblebee has a few different options. The Windkiller is a long-haired wind protector that fits most shotgun microphones on the market.  Inside, it consists of high-quality coarse foam. Outside, it is coupled with a soft imitation faux-fur. It is highly durable and works excellent to block the wind. It is absolutely gorgeous and will you feel confident that your microphones are being protected. There are long-hair and short-hair versions, depending on the transparency you need.

Bubblebee Industries Windkiller Sizing Guide


  • Made for your boom or camera microphone
  • Handles medium to heavy wind
  • Made from the best imitation fur (high amount of hair pieces per cm2) which allows for optimal wind protection versus frequency transparency.
  • Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting.
  • When wet, simply dry it up and shake the fur back into a perfect shape.


One of the best features of the Windkiller is the rubber mount on the bottom that grips your microphone. Unlike other brands where there is no grip, the Windkiller will not move. It still slides on and off easily.

Bubblebee Industries Windkiller Microphone Guide

The Windkiller comes in five different sizes, from XS to XL with the normal size rubber mount. The rubber mount fits shotgun microphones with a diameter of 18-24 mm (0.7”-0.9”). There is also a BIG MOUNT Version, now available in two new sizes; XS and XL with a rubber opening in the bottom that a microphone diameter of 23-26 mm (0.9″-1,02″).

Bubblebee Industries Spacer Bubble Kit

The Spacer Kit

From a quick glance, the Spacer Kit will pretty much look identical to the Wind Killer. However, don’t let its transformability fool you. This product can shed layers off depending on your environment, making for a great option when you are up against multiple elements on any given day. There are a few different components to this kit, so let’s break them down as well.

Bubblebee Industries Spacer Bubble BaseSpacer Bubble

The first part of the Spacer Kit to discuss is the Spacer Bubble. This tubular When you are in need of an option that is adaptable depending on your location, look no further than the Spacer Bubble. The Spacer Bubble Kit is a multi-piece wind protection kit for shotgun microphones. It includes the Spacer Bubble Base, Short-Haired Fur Cover, and Long-Haired Fur Cover.


  • Slip-on fur (both Short- and Long-Haired) allows for optimal frequency transparency while giving you excellent wind protection.
  • Switch locations fast and always get the best transparency while blocking the wind noise.
  • Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting.
  • Base windshield made from highly efficient mesh.
  • Quick-drying of the fur if it gets wet. You can just place it in the mesh bag.
  • Comes in seven different sizes – sure to find a size that perfectly fits your favorite shotgun mic.
  • Practical mesh bag included for easy storage and fast mounting.

The combination of the Spacer Bubble with the different slip-on furs provides the perfect conditions regardless of the scenario you find yourself in. This type of protection is so versatile, it makes for an excellent option when recording interviews.

If you suddenly have to act fast and go outside, simply slip on the short-haired fur and experience the optimal transparency within seconds. If outside conditions get rough, slip on the long-haired fur instead. This allows you the best possible wind noise protection with optimal frequency transparency.

Last but not least, it comes with a storage bag to keep everything inside when you are finished for the day. You will always be ready and will always know where your equipment is!

Bubblebee Industries Windbubble Lavalier Wind ProtectionWindbubbles

Windbubbles are some of the best wind protection out there for lavaliers. No matter what size or shape, there will be a Windbubble that fits. Specifically, there are four sizes. Each gets a little bigger depending on the number, making the internal ‘Bubble of dead air’, inside more accommodating for your lavalier.

Sometimes, you may be able to fit your lavalier into 2 different sizes. If this is the case (and the larger is not falling off), then using the higher number will achieve greater wind resistance because of the longer fur. If you need help sizing them, check out Bubblebee’s Comparison Sizing Guide

The Cub

The Cub is a perfect hat for the Sanken CUB-01. This microphone is generally used for tabletop applications of car rigs from above. They sound great in these car rigs, but need wind protection to ensure they don’t get blown out while driving. The Cub offers that protection.

The Big Windbubble

The Big Windbubble is another option that is perfect for your dynamic interview microphones. No matter what the elements, the Big Windbubble can take it while delivering a transparent sound that your viewers deserve.

A BubbleBee Conclusion

I have not only known Poul Mejer (the owner of Bubblebee) for years, I have personally used their products during all of my adventures out and about. I have never found a more consistent product that looks good and performs better. If you simply want the best wind protection available for your microphones, look no further than Bubblebee Industries.

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