Zaxcom FP7 Fader Panel

Zaxcom FP7 – A Compact and Lightweight Fader Extension Panel for Nova 2

Enhance Your Field Recording Experience with the Zaxcom FP7 Fader Extension Panel for Nova 2

For audio recording professionals, having the right equipment is crucial for success. The Zaxcom FP7, a compact and lightweight fader extension panel, is tailor-made for the Nova and Nova 2 field recorders. With its precise control and versatile connectivity options, this powerful control panel is the ultimate addition to your on-the-go recording setup.

12 Hardware Controls for Flexibility

The Zaxcom FP7 boasts a total of 12 hardware controls, with 7 dedicated FP7 pots and 5 continuous bank-controlled faders on the Nova and Nova 2. This level of control provides the flexibility needed to capture top-quality audio in any setting, whether managing analog or digital inputs in the field.

Precision & Accuracy for Professional Results

The Zaxcom FP7’s traditional faders ensure smooth movement and end stops, delivering the accuracy required for on-location mixing. This meticulous design guarantees consistently professional and polished recordings.

Monitor Channels with Ease

Thanks to its 7 PFL buttons, the Zaxcom FP7 enables easy monitoring of individual channels on your recorder. This feature allows for swift identification and resolution of any potential audio issues in real-time.

Back of the Zaxcom FP7 for the Nova and Nova 2 Recorders

Effortless Connectivity for Versatility

Connecting to your Nova or Nova 2 via an RS422 connection and USB-A cable, the FP7 also includes an RS422 connector for accessory compatibility and a USB-A port for complete keyboard functionality or software updates. These connectivity options make the FP7 a highly adaptable and indispensable tool for your field recording setup.

Low Power Consumption for Longevity

With a nominal power consumption of 50mA at 12v, the FP7 minimizes the strain on your field recorder’s power supply. This energy-efficient design ensures your recording setup remains operational during extended recording sessions.

Compact & Lightweight for Easy Transportation

Measuring just 1″ x 8.5″ x .83″ (H x W x D) and weighing a mere 0.4lb, the FP7 won’t add unnecessary bulk to your on-the-go recording equipment. Its compact and lightweight design allows for effortless transportation and integration with your existing gear.

Zaxcom FP7 for the Nova and Nova 2 Recorders


The Zaxcom FP7 fader extension panel is a must-have for any field recording setup using Nova and Nova 2 recorders. With its precise control, seamless connectivity, and compact design, the FP7 provides audio professionals with the versatility and efficiency needed to excel in the field. Elevate your on-location audio engineering experience with the FP7 and take your recordings to the next level.

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